That Witch Podcast

Episode 31: New Years Eve Capricorn New Moon with StarSeedShadows

December 31, 2021 That Witch Next Door Season 1 Episode 31
That Witch Podcast
Episode 31: New Years Eve Capricorn New Moon with StarSeedShadows
Show Notes

New Year, New Moon. In Capricorn, b*tches. It’s time for another Shadow Chat with Ashley of StarSeedShadows here on That Witch Podcast. Capricorn doesn’t fuck around, exactly the energy we want to tap into as we boldly step into 2022. We may be feeling worse for wear after the year we each and all experienced, but we are resilient.

MARSHALL FIRE, COLORADO Links and resources for updates, services, hotlines, donations, and more:

Live updates for evacuation, road closures, updates in Spanish, and evacuation centers.
CodeRED Alert App
How to help those affected by the fire AND resources for those impacted
Hundreds if not thousands of people are opening their homes to those needing a place to stay, many accepting of animals as well! Check local city & county groups on social media, follow hashtags, and download an app like CodeRED for alerts to your phone.

DENVER SHOOTING VICTIMS SUPPORT Links and resources to support victims, their families, and the community:

Alicia Cardenas Fund
Alyssa Gunn Maldonado Fund
Danny (Dano Blair) Scofield Fund
Sarah Steck Fund
Steck Family Fundraiser
Jeremy Costilow Recovery Fund
Ashley Ferris Recovery Fund
Employees of Sol Tribe Fund
Public therapy center now open for anyone impacted by the shooting

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