That Witch Podcast

Episode 24: Fundamentals of Magick, Eclipse Energy 101

November 23, 2021 That Witch Next Door Season 1 Episode 24
That Witch Podcast
Episode 24: Fundamentals of Magick, Eclipse Energy 101
Show Notes

Most of us in the spiritual community have encountered the all-too-familiar fear-mongering of the supposedly dreaded: Eclipse. We just experienced a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus, we are upon a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, the energy feels heightened, sporadic change has been sparking in the most unexpected places, and things feel pretty damn...chaotic.
But sparks, and change, and even chaos aren’t necessarily things to run from and avoid. This energy is actually around us all the time, and the eclipses open a direct portal for us. So, to manifest or not to manifest, that is the question. One of many that will be answered on today’s show of That Witch Podcast!

In this episode I mention:
Solar and Lunar Eclipses by AstroStyle
National Geographic Lunar Eclipse video
Personal Astrological Almanac by Honeycomb Collective

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