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Moonday Musings Week of 11/27-12/3: A Very Mercury Full Moon Week

November 27, 2023 That Witch Next Door Season 5
That Witch Podcast
Moonday Musings Week of 11/27-12/3: A Very Mercury Full Moon Week
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Divinely timed with today’s Moonday Musings episode is our beautiful full moon in Gemini. Let’s use the enhanced mental clarity of this time to mindfully step into the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle, and transition with intention into the new year.

In this episode I mention the incredible, social brand coach, Kary @socialwithkary

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Speaker 1:

I don't know what's more confusing Learning astrology or just being a human. Moon Day Musings is here to help with that A weekly, no bullshit guide for the upcoming cosmic forecast and how you can actually use this in your real life. And I'm gonna tell you something. It's Monday, it's Monday, it's Monday. Well, hello neighbor, happy Monday and happy Moon Day. Welcome to another episode of Moon Day Musings. If this is your first Moon Day, however welcome. Let me be the first to welcome you to our wonderful welcoming neighbor here. How welcome do you feel? How many times should I say welcome? Do I feel welcome? I'm Danny and I'm that witch next door and I am going to take you on a little ride through the cosmos this week by giving you a forecast today that helps you understand a little bit of what's going on celestially and how we can use this information in our real lives to our full, best potential. If that sounds like your thing, you are in the right place. My friend, today we have a big full moon in Gemini. It literally happens exact full moon exact 16 minutes after I officially dropped the episode. So I always dropped the episode at 4 am Eastern time and today the full moon exact is at 416 am. So, without any further ado, let's get right the fuck into Moon Day forecast today. So, before we dive into the moon and the planets and all of that, let's pause for a moment. Let's do our self-checking at the top of the week. If this is your first time we do a self-checking, a nice little pause, a moment of grounding and centering at the beginning of every single Moon Day episode, because this is something that I think we could all use, honestly, daily, but it's something that we put off if we don't have a reminder to do it. We can put this off for weeks, months, even years, without really pausing to stop, take a breath and check in with ourselves and where we're at. So if you would join me, if you're sitting, if you're standing, it doesn't matter. You don't have to be doing anything specific. All you have to do is bring your current awareness as centered and as present in this moment as possible. We are going to create a little space for that presence by taking some really nice, big, deep breaths in First inhale through your nose, really expand your lungs and let your belly balloon out as you fill your lungs and, on this first breath, once you're nice and full, open your mouth, exhale, let all that air come out, and try and push all the air out until your exhale is hopefully a little bit longer than your inhale. And once all the air has left your lungs, you can now take another beautifully deep breath in through your nose from the very bottom of those lungs and that belly again this time maybe, maybe suspend your breath for a moment at the top of the breath before you now open your mouth, exhale and sigh and push all that air out of your lungs again all the way empty, so that when it's time to inhale this last time, you are now ready to open those nostrils, big, full breath in through the nose. You can hold for a moment or two at the top of the breath and release, exhale all that air out and in this moment, in the space that we've created with our breath, if you feel called to close your eyes, if that helps or it's safe wherever you're at right now, you can do so. Sometimes my eyes just kind of fall to one side of the room and kind of find a comfortable place to fixate on, and this really allows me to now check in with self. How's your body feeling, where's your mind at today and how is your energy and your emotions feeling today? Is there anything really strongly strongly coming up for you in any of those? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know if I'm feeling any of those. Maybe what's coming up has been a lot more subtle and you needed this quiet space and moment of presence with yourself to notice it. That's okay. It's a full moon in Gemini. If you have felt super duper distracted today, that is okay. That is okay. My friend, breathe through this. What I've memorized if what a lot of us need right now is a nice welcome breath of stillness, this is a big tip that I want you to listen to. Okay, even if you're feeling really, really good because this is what happens a lot, I'm feeling good, danny, I don't need it. I don't even need to breathe. I'm feeling great. Here I go, okay, gemini. All right, mercury ruled. That is a sign that you need it even more. Trust me, when we blow past pausing and breaks, when we know that it only needs to take a minute or two this break is very brief and it is very temporary and when we can't even give ourselves the space for that and we blow past it. I want you to remind yourself that that is a sign of being in overdrive, and right now is an excellent time to kind of pause and breathe and reset that a little bit, because the Gemini Full Moon can give us this fucking welcome sense of energy, especially post Scorpio season, right Post Scorpio New Moon a couple of weeks. God, danny, let me have this, let me have this energy. That's just surge. I get it, trust me, I get it. I need it too. My Mars is down Usually overall with the energy we get from the full moon in Gemini, since my Mars is in Gemini, and it's a lot easier to tell when our energy is low and we're feeling sluggish and fatigued and run down and when we're needing energy. It's a lot easier to tell when that's happening versus the opposite, when we are getting into overdrive, when we're pushing too much, when we're exerting too much and we're like yeah, yeah, yeah, but this feels great and amazing. Anybody who's done drugs out there, you get this uppers right. This is where we start ignoring all of the signals and the signs that our body is like blaring out to us Hello, hello, hello, hello. I can't do this forever and ever. I'm not an actual energizer bunny, your mind, which Gemini and Mercury are so fucking, so fucking connected to. Okay, they have a lot to do with our mind and mental energy. Okay, it's our mind a lot of times that's like no, no, no, we're good, we're good, we can keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. And our body's like I got more capacity. I have fewer capacities than that. I have more limitations than that. I really don't know if I could keep going. No, no, no, you got this, you got this, you got this. That's what our brain keeps saying, right, number one not only do our bodies need the time to hey, pause, slow down, breathe. Eat that's a big one. Drink some water that's another big one. When was the last time you stepped away from the screen that you might be at? Gonna, look out the window, even if it's not sunny where you're at, get a little bit of fresh air or just move your position? Gemini, full moon is. It's like everybody has ADHD, just kidding. But to those of us that do experience and understand hyper fixation, we can definitely tell you that whatever it is you're fixated on, it's gonna be there in two minutes after you take whatever this two minute break is. So I really think that it may just be a little extra helpful this week. If the main thing you take from our self check-in today and from moon day in general is it is okay to pause and slow down A lot of times you will find you will actually increase your energy, increase your productivity. With more frequent breaks I get being in a flow and need to just let that flow flow. Don't get me wrong and it can be that overdrive can disguise itself as that. No, I'm just in a flow. I'm just in a good flow and I don't want to interrupt it. It is a fine fucking line and it's very easy to cross that threshold. So I thought that that would be an excellent way to start moon day today. It would be to remind you of that, my friends. So let's talk about this full moon a little bit. Let's get those details one more time. So, full moon exact as today, november 27th, monday. This is at four degrees of Gemini exact at 416 am Eastern time. The full moon portal opened up yesterday, sunday, and it will stay until the moon moves into cancer. Super early hours of the morning, wednesday, the 29th. Honestly, here in Eastern time it's basically the middle of the night it's almost 2 am when the full moon portal will close and the moon will move into cancer. The really nice part about full moon and Gemini is that as soon as that full moon portal closes and we do head into the moon and cancer, we can feel this like sudden big rush of like respite and relief and like, oh, I could breathe, oh, yeah, I can nurture myself, oh, yeah, I can take care of myself. That's right, that's right. That's right. Um, don't be afraid to let yourself lean into that. While the moon is in cancer, from Wednesday until Friday December 1st, december is here this week, folks, can you believe it? Um, the moon is going to move into Leo about midday on the east coast here, um, on Friday December 1st, and it will stay there until late Sunday evening when the moon will move into Virgo. So for a moon scope this week, we're starting out Monday in the sign of Gemini, in a full moon in Gemini. Then the moon will move into cancer, into Leo, into Virgo this week. So you can take a look at your chart and see what houses all of those signs span for you, if you have any placements in any of those signs, if any of your placements will be in the rest of your chart will be activated. Um, will be activated by this full moon, if these are things that you're really really wanting to understand. By the way, like I really, danny, I'm I love this moon scope. I want to be able to track where the moon is in my chart or for other people. I'm really trying to actually learn the chart. Um, moon day is a great place to practice that. We do lots of great opportunity for practicing all of your astrological studies here. But if you're wanting to really take it seriously and start learning the chart, or if you have felt really capped in your learning and your astrological studies, come see me after class. My friend um. Go to the show notes. Uh, you can check out the resources that I have. You can work with me one on one for a tutoring session as well, if that is something that you would benefit from. I love doing a chart tutoring sessions, but, honestly, if you're getting serious about this, you need to be part of a community where other students are also learning this, in a community where you know we actually have astrological lessons and classes and resources for you. Um, aka that which school? Go to the show notes below. Uh, enroll to be a full-time student. I promise you it is going to be one of the best things you will do for your astrological studies now, as far as our forecast goes. So last week we talked a lot about the static kind of building and building until it gets so loud that we can kind of finally break. Um, full moon may may be. That break may be where things finally come to a head. A full moon would certainly be known for it. Of course, this is where those themes of peaking and release come from. Um, sometimes and that's a beautiful way, like an orgasm or an idea that strikes you, or clarity that suddenly finds you uh, sometimes, though, it's also in the realm of losing yourself a little bit and getting so swept up in, uh, very often in the world or the environment and over stimulation around you, and finally hitting that breaking point. We talked last week about being understanding and being forgiving with ourselves. When that happens, and I wanted to refresh your memory of that today and that we did talk about that last week, because that might be happening for you right now, I thought that that would be a really good reminder for everybody. Hey, if, if, things have felt so scattered, so chaotic that you got to a point where you just kind of lost yourself in in the moment. Um, you're normal, my friend, you're human, it's okay. And, uh, you have been through hard things before and you will get through this hard thing too, I promise you. I promise you that. Okay. Now, speaking of all of this Gemini energy over stimulation, mental overdrive, etc. Etc. Etc. Our pal mercury is moving into Capricorn on Friday, december 1st. Now, oh, I'm laughing because wait till you see our card for today. If you didn't already look at it just fell out of the deck while I was talking and it's perf, it's perfect. Um, okay, so our pal mercury, mercury, is moving into Capricorn on Friday morning, december 1st. Mercury was in Sagittarius just from November 10th until this Friday, december 1st. Okay, so you can take a look at, um, those last few weeks, what did mercury in, uh, in Sagittarius look like for you? Um, and a lot of ways. A lot of us feel really really called to learn, especially new things, bigger things. Um, like, yeah, yeah, yeah, I've been messing around with the small stuff, I'm ready for the big guns kind of a thing, and you might have found that your curiosities, your sense of adventure, these, these outside new experiences that you've never had before, really, really really calling you, and maybe you've been able to let yourself, excuse me, maybe you've been able to let yourself lean into that a little bit, maybe you were able to let yourself have a little bit of adventure. Um, when mercury moves into Capricorn that day, sometimes you might see this as this feeling of like, oh, I really need to buckle down. I really need to buckle down, I really need to get my shit together. But I would offer you a little bit of an adjusted perspective on that. Um, maybe, instead of looking at is like oh my god, I've been losing. My god, these cards are fucking hilarious. This is amazing. Um, oh my god, I've been losing myself. I'm so off track. I've been, you know, gallivanting god knows where with who knows what. Maybe, maybe, just maybe, that was for a purpose and a reason, and maybe during all of that experience, you were learning, and a lot of times we'll be like I don't know, I couldn't possibly been learning, I was just having so much fun. Um, hello, did you know that? Uh, we are finally, for Christ's sake, in modern age. We are finally learning that. Um, as far as, like, brain development goes and and child development goes play and having fun is actually a much more efficiently learning mind. So we don't learn as efficiently or as well when we're really like forcing ourselves to and like shoving information into our brains. We actually learn much more efficiently when we are having a good time and we don't even feel like we're learning. So maybe, just maybe, some of the ways that you might have found yourself kind of wandering or feeling things you might have been feeling distracted by or called to or things that you've been experiencing or going out and doing with friends or loved ones or for yourself or whatever, maybe, just maybe you were actually learning that whole time without realizing it. And so, instead of looking at this mercury and capricorn as I need to get my shit together, I need to whip my ass into shape, what if, instead, we looked at that as like, how can I use what I've learned and all the fun I was having into the goals that I'm trying to implement, into the habits I'm trying to implement, into the patterns I'm trying to break, Instead of looking at it as like I need to break myself, I need to get my shit together. What if, instead, we have capricorn energy? Take a look at Sagittarius energy and say, hmm, that also serves a purpose. Having fun, having a good time adventuring, experiencing new things. We know this has a purpose. How can I utilize that experience? Capricorn's motto is I utilize. And capricorn gets this for donkulous, friggin reputation of being like all business and no fun and super boring. And if you analyze Capricorn that way, you don't know that many Capricorns because that's not the case they're utilizers. Now, the shadow side of Capricorn is we can do this a little too much and we can start turning, like things that are supposed to be leisurely, recreational, for funsies, always into a business. Like, how can I always turn the and not just literally financial business, but like how can I use this for growth? How can I use this? We don't want to go into overdrive with that. We're also supposed to just allow ourselves to have fun. But there, maybe that's where the revelation is coming from, which is one of our cards today. Maybe the revelation is when I let myself have a break, when I let myself have fun, when I let myself be a little more laid back, when I let myself go on an adventure or be impulsive sometimes. Maybe that's not such a useless time after all, because really all of those experiences can be wonderful for our nervous system and Capricorn can learn a lot from Sagittarius so that it can take the experience that's come before it and say I'm going to remember to implement breaks. I'm going to remember to prioritize fun. I'm going to make it one of my goals. All those goals, right, they are already starting to write down. December's coming, which means January is coming. We're all starting to think about 2024. We were starting to reflect on 2023 and what we've learned and what we're moving toward, and I know that most of us, those goals look like numbers. Sometimes there are numbers on a scale, sometimes there are numbers in a bank account, sometimes there are numbers on a social media platform. There's usually some kind of number. This is a very Capricornian in nature way of looking at things. Maybe we could shift or even just add to some of those, because numbers aren't bad. Being specific in your goals. It's not a fucking bad thing, trust me at all. It can be a very motivating, very, very helpful thing. Maybe we could also add some more conceptual goals on top of that. I want to prioritize more freedom. I'm going to prioritize experiencing that feeling of freedom. That is an excellent way to look at how Capricorn can reflect on a Sagittarian experience and utilize it moving forward in a Capricornian experience. So our cards for today are just if you're a card reader at all, you're going to look at these and go oh yeah, I got it. Knight of Wands is our tarot card for today and our Oracle card from the Oracle of Oddities is Revelation. Knight of Wands is definitely impulsive. This is, I could see, where we would find some very Sagittarian themes in here. And you know what this really made me think of the Knight of Wands as soon as it popped out last week on Moon Day, when I told you that the same day the sun moved into Sagittarius, the moon was also going to move into Aries. That's what this Knight of Wands card reminds me of. Well, increase in fire and this can look like a little increase in fun, little increase in passion, little increase in creativity Definitely can look like a little increase in movement. You might feel that fire under your butt a bit right now. This is why I want you to be mindful of balancing your physical and your mental energy right now, when you are in embodied, healthy, thriving night of wands energy. Right now we are opening ourselves up for revelation, for clarity, for that epiphany, if you will, that a full moon in Gemini can absolutely grace us with, and really I've been seeing a lot of content creators online and I love this talk about how, instead of waiting until January 1st, let's start right now. One of my favorite social media coaches that I just love and I'm so, so, so inspired by is social by Carrie. I will have her tagged in the show notes right now. So if you wanna go follow her on Instagram, especially if you are a content creator or business owner and you use social media, you need to be following her, trust me, trust me, trust me. I've been following her for a couple of years now and she's one of those creators. When you follow her, you're like I really feel like you're my coach. I love it so much. She was one of the content creators I saw talking about how, instead of waiting till January 1st to get started, you're already doing this reflecting. You're already setting a lot of these goals. You're already setting a lot of these plans. Why don't we get started with them right now? It inspired this really awesome conversation my husband and I even had, where you know, your midway through or toward the end of November and you're like, yeah, I really wanna like January 1st. And you know I've been seeing a lot of this and I was like you know what, how, about December 1st? You know why don't we implement plans and make adjustments right now so that we are already getting started, so we don't feel like, oh, these last weeks of the month are just a blow off time? No, we stay just as intentional. But one of the ways that you can keep yourself from going into a shadow side of this night of wands energy and going into overdrive with yourself right is not only creating goals and intentions around self-improvement and growth and making more money or losing more weight or having more in your home or you know these things. That again, I really do believe. Certain goals like that, with the right intentions, are beautiful for us and they do bring us growth. Growth is a beautiful thing to be aiming for. But what if we also take this fucking beautiful Sagittarius energy right now? Okay, mercury is just the first one to move into Capricorn this week. We still have plenty going on in Sagittarius right now. And what if we take that Sagittarian nature and theme and experience and utilize it into our Capricorn experience for moving ahead? So I hope that this could be a little bit helpful for you at the end of the year. I'm somebody that I used to feel so fucking like, blindsided by the end of the year, like God damn it, how is it already the end of the year? I didn't get to do X, y and Z. How about, instead, we reflect on that and go okay, well, this is what I set out for this year to look like. Here's what it actually looked like. What did I learn from that? And, based on what I know now that I did not know then when I was making those resolutions or I was casting those goals or whatever last year, remember that instead of getting all hung up on yourself ah shit, I didn't do that. Yeah, of course, there's a million things that we set out and set our intentions to do and we don't do it because we didn't know then. What we know now, and that set me free this time of year. That set me free when I stopped analyzing and trying to fix All of this past year in the last month of the year so that I could start fresh next year. Right, because we're very programmed to do this. We feed off of each other. This comes from the media, it comes from our culture and we perpetuate it for each other. We do so. One way we can break this, one way I've broken it and again I feel so, so free from it is I start my reflecting on the year, this whole last quarter. It always starts in October, always starts just before, and right around saw when, around Halloween, that which is new year, you know, the sun setting, fall beginning, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And instead of going, oh my God, this is what this year looked like, instead of what I set out to do, I can't believe I didn't do X, y and Z, I am reflective and I say, oh well, yeah, that didn't happen, because all of this happened and I never could have predicted it was gonna go that way, or that I would respond to it that way, or that so-and-so would have, that my family would have had to adjust around it, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. When I just reflect on it, I can actually do that beautiful Capricornian thing and I can utilize my experience to benefit me, without deprecating myself, without punishing and hating myself, because who the fuck really truly feels motivated and inspired to start off next year on a fresh foot from a place of punishment and self-hate. So take a big, deep breath at the end of this moon day. If that's somebody that you are, I want you to know that you can change that right now and you can look back at your goals, your resolutions, your intentions whatever those were for last year. Look at how that compared to what actually went down this year and how does it help shape your intentions moving forward. Leave your judgment at the door. Okay, greet yourself and treat yourself with the same understanding and the same gentleness you would give a friend who is telling you this about their last year. Okay, moving into next year, this was a good, good card. Reading these cards Full Moon and Gemini Mercury fucking came through through today. If this is something that you are needing help with, if you are wanting to connect with people in a community who think like this, go through similar struggles, they're also trying to learn how to navigate this thing called life and they are also trying to learn how to use astrology to help them do that and their beautiful spiritual, witchy practice to help them cope and manifest and grow along the way, come join us in that witch school, my friend. We would be so incredibly honored to have you, and I have some very, very big shifts coming next year for that witch school starting off a lot sooner rather than later. So now is the time. Now is the time to join us. If you've already been thinking about it, you can try us out $5 a month as a next door neighbor or if you don't have as much time you really don't have as much time to invest for a full-time student and you wanna just try out that part-time student tier and get a lot of what we've been going on in the full-time student. These are great entry points. But if you really really are deeply resonating with these practices, with this way of life, with creating more community around you to support you as you continue moving forward on this path, I promise you that $30 a month being a full-time student is gonna be some of the best $30 you'll spend all month, every single month. I make sure of it as your instructor and your mentor. And if you ever have any questions about any of that, like what comes with each of the tiers, what you get, and any kind of confusion, or if you just want any clarification, you can always always send me a message thatwitchnextdoorcom slash conjurewitch. I'm happy to answer any questions for you and I would love to have you in my school as one of my students. So thank you, my neighbor, Thank you for your time today, spending your moon day with me. It means the world to me. I am sending you all the blessings, this Gemini full moon, in the form of big, beautiful, deep breaths and that reminder that it is okay to take a break. Your hyper fixation will still be there, waiting for you. Your flow's not going anywhere. Make sure that this week you stay safe, let yourself have some damn fun and, of course, my friend, stay magical out there. What is that witch school? Well, it's kind of my twist on Patreon. See, for as little as $5 a month you can get instant access for an entire back catalog of incredible bonus content like bonus episodes, witchy lessons, a ton of astrology resources, guest teachings and so much more. But I didn't want to just keep the magic going in between episodes with bonus content. I wanted to keep the learning going. I wanted to keep the community going. So I also offered tiers that opened up opportunity for continued intentional, magical academic learning, as well as opportunity for creating community with like-minded witchy individuals. For just $30 a month, you can get full, complete access to everything inside that witch school, including our exclusive members-only social media platform on Mighty Networks, where, right now, witches and energy practitioners and students just like you are all learning, working together, sharing together and supporting each other. Week in and week out, we talk about the show, we share dreams that we've had, we share each other's tarot readings and, ultimately, we support each other as magical beings in a very anti-magical world. You can join us today at thatwitchnextdoorcom slash enroll to learn more and start your enrollment today.

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