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Moonday Musings Week of 11/20-11/26: Sagittarius Brings the Fire

November 20, 2023 That Witch Next Door Season 5
That Witch Podcast
Moonday Musings Week of 11/20-11/26: Sagittarius Brings the Fire
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As we begin to enter into more and more Sagittarius energy, I think we’ll slowly but surely start feeling that made-it-to-the-other-side sense of relief…and I still think it would be helpful to hold a liiittle extra space for patience with ourselves this week too.

Today on Moonday Musings we’re going to talk about how we can respond to ourselves when we say or do things we don’t really intend to do when we’re under a lot of stress or pressure. Because we can always use the reminder to take it easy on our self-worth 🖤

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Speaker 1:

I don't know what's more confusing Learning astrology or just being a human. Moon Day Musings is here to help with that. A weekly, no bullshit guide for the upcoming cosmic forecast and how you can actually use this in your real life. ["moon Day Musings"]. Well, hi everybody. Happy Monday and happy Moon Day. Welcome to Moon Day Musings. Ah, how are you feeling? This was? Let's see. We are starting out today at our first quarter moon. Last week we had our new moon in Scorpio. I talked with a few of you. It was definitely, as Scorpio promised, a bit of an intense new moon period, possibly in a way you really couldn't have expected, you couldn't have predicted, even if you tried. So I'm there with you, I feel you. I am a huge lover, huge lover of Scorpio energy. I feel very at home in this energy and I will say I get very excited when it's time for Sagittarius To take over. I do the build up to spooky season in October and Halloween. I'm a very much like Halloween spirit lives in your heart year-round girl. Trust me, trust me, trust me. But when October comes to an end, when November inevitably begins, I find that, even though the transition sometimes I'm kind of kicking screen through it a little bit. It's always welcome. It's always time. I realize that every single time on the other side and I hope that you feel a little bit of that going downhill now. We made it past the peak for now energy as well this week. So, my friends, this is a good place to start with our self check-in. If you've never been here before, if this is your first moon day musings welcome. I'm so happy to have you here. If I've never introduced myself to you before, I'm Danny, welcome. Welcome to this wonderful space. We always start the beginning of moon day musings, which is our forecast episode here. We always start this off with a beautiful self check-in, just a moment of presence with yourself. So if you're sitting or standing, wherever you are, if it feels comfortable to adjust your positioning right now so you can feel a little bit more grounded, a little more centered, I invite you to do that. If you feel called to close your eyes, you're more than welcome to. But if you're doing this while you're driving, it's totally not a requirement at all to close your eyes or fold your hands or anything at all. This is all an energetic space and activity here. Start by taking maybe a couple deep breaths. That might be already naturally coming to you right now and when you're in a good space for it, take a big, deep breath in through your nostrils and fill your lungs all the way up, from the very bottom to the really ballooning and filling up with air. And at the top of that breath, when you can't hold anymore, allow that breath to now come cascading out your mouth, exhale, blow all of that air out of your lungs. Try and make that exhale longer than the inhale, if you can. And once you've pushed all that air out of your lungs, take another really big, fresh breath in through the nostrils, fill those lungs up again. When you've got a nice big breath in your chest, you can briefly hold for a moment or two at the top of the breath and release and exhale out your mouth. Let all that air come out of your lungs again. Again, try and make that exhale a little longer than your inhale, if you can really push that air out. And last one, take a nice make it count big breath in through your nostrils and release and exhale. In this space that you've created with your breath, I want you to allow yourself to be in the space of noticing. Simply listen and observe any parts of your body right now, any thoughts in your mind, any emotions you're feeling, any energy that you're sensing right now, and don't try and analyze it and don't try and fix it, but first simply notice it, make note of it, acknowledge it when you're ready, take a little extra step and validate whatever it is that's coming through, whether it's a tense or sore body part. Maybe you woke up and you haven't been feeling very good and might be getting sick. Your body is trying to communicate with you right now. Maybe it's something that is on your mind, that's kind of been shoved to the back for a while and is been trying to make its way more and more forward. Maybe it's a feeling and emotion. It needs to be felt, needs to be experienced so that it can be released. Whatever that is for you, simply note it and, again, if you can validate it, and if there is a small gesture that you can make today to to honor this message that's come through for you, I encourage you to do that right now. Maybe you can take an extra break today. Maybe right now, in this moment, you can take a big few gulps of water. Maybe there's a little note or a little reminder you can put for yourself in your calendar, and encouraging sentence or affirmation you can put on your mirror or in your car or in your planner for yourself, something that very simply but in a beautiful way, does acknowledge whatever it is that came forth for you today during your self check-in. Now let's move a little bit into our moon scope and see how we're feeling, where our feelings and emotions are going to be centered and what we'll be focusing on this week. So the moon is going to be starting out today in Aquarius and early this morning, about 930 Eastern time, the moon is going to move into Pisces, where it will stay until Wednesday, the 22nd. We also have Sagittarius season starting that day, so we'll come back to that. But also on that same day the moon will move into Aries, so the sun will move into a fire sign. On the same day that the moon is also going to move into a fire sign. Make a little note of that. The moon will stay in Aries until Friday, the 24th, when it moves into Taurus, and it will stay there until Sunday evening Eastern time, about 740pm. The moon will move into Gemini and will open our full moon portal. So we do have a full moon in Gemini on Monday, the 27th. That's going to be at 4 degrees and it's happening at 416am Eastern time on Monday, the 27th. So I'm actually not going to go into the full moon energy today, but I wanted to make note of it today, especially in our moon scope, because Sunday the full moon portal will open up and we will begin our week next week with a full moon. This is important now as we're moving out of our moon scope. This is important for a couple of things. So, number one, when it comes to the moon scope, when you hear me talk about the moon moving from Aquarius to Pisces, to Aries, to Taurus and then into Gemini to open up that full moon portal, so you can take a look in your chart and see where these signs take place, so that you can see where the moon's energy is going to be focused for you In the areas of life, that emotions or feelings that either you or others around you are experiencing. The moon teaches its lessons through the realm of feeling, so we don't necessarily need to look at this like, oh, wherever the moon is going to be, I'm just going to be bawling my eyes out. It totally depends on your moon sign how you experience emotion itself, but just know that, whatever houses it's transiting through for you, these are some of the different themes or areas of life that your emotions may be picking up on or focused around or centered on this week. Now, the other reason it's important to make note of that full moon portal opening on Sunday is because, since we are starting out this week with that first quarter moon, our first quarter is in Aquarius. Today, on the 20th, we are in that very building energy, building, building, building, static, increasing is what comes through for me right now, and this makes a lot of sense with the amount of Sagittarius energy that we've already started to enter into and will continue entering into this week. So over the last couple of weeks let me check my notes here over the last couple of weeks, we have seen ah yes, so Mercury started the party for us. On November 10th, mercury entered into Sagittarius. This week, on Wednesday, the 22nd, the sun will also move into Sagittarius and Sagittarius season will officially begin. Then, on Friday, the 24th, mars is going to move into Sagittarius and finally, on Saturday, the 25th Asteroid Series is going to be moving into Sagittarius. There's a lot of the party coming alive, isn't it, and this is where I kind of see that downhill feeling coming through for a lot of us. I think that I really do think that we'll feel a build in tension before it actually breaks, though I do really sense that building and building of this first quarter moon leading up to a full moon and Gemini and full moon and Gemini can be a staticky time. Think about static in the air, whether that's like spiritual chatter or energetic chatter. Think about what static feels like, like when your clothes are staticky, or what static sounds like on the radio or on the TV. I want you to remember this, because I think that it might be building and building and building one of those things that white noise does, because it's faded into the background, not making any sounds, until all of a sudden it's got turned up so loud that we've found, oh my God, I'm yelling over this histogram. I think this is where we'll see this kind of tension build and build and build and build and 팬 and God damn it, something's got to break and then it will. So I wouldn't be surprised if things kind of built to a point throughout the week where you do find yourself having a bit of a breaking point. Here is my message of advice for you I don't even love that word in this particular week. Here is my here's some helpful information that hopefully will serve you well if you do find that energy building or if you do find yourself having a bit of a break like that. Number one please be gentle with yourself. Please be understanding with yourself. All of us have witnessed a person that we love who's gotten pushed and pushed and pushed to a point of breaking, and you know, sure, maybe they broke something literal or figurative, maybe they did or said something during that break that you know wasn't their top shelf moment. And think about the understanding that we can offer that person. Think about how we're able to go. Hey, yeah, but I mean, this was a long time coming. You were getting pushed and pushed and poked and prodded. It makes a lot of sense that you got to this point. You know, I know you don't feel great about how this all kind of went down, but it sounds like it needed to and I'm glad that you had that release. And don't be so hard on yourself. It's okay, right? I want you to turn that scenario inward on yourself If this is something that happens to you this week, or maybe is something that happens to you kind of regularly or frequently, or it's something that you struggle with and you have struggled with more than once. I want you to offer yourself this same gentleness. Why? Because meeting yourself with a bunch more frustration is probably going to make it worse. Um, but I do appreciate your recommendation. Great, I think I put a good idea around that, especially when I stick with human魚, a fines game, a what Ice tamas? This is theiencia conscience and this is the wort part. Ok, really matter簡單. So this is maybe what a good thing you can offer is. If nothing else, let that be your motivation. It's probably just gonna make it worse If I respond to my anger and frustration with more anger and frustration. Sag is go with the fucking flow. Sag is big picture. We don't have to get hung up on the details. We know that it's gonna work out if we trust in the long game. Sag teaches us this, and Sagittarius is still a fire sign and we're still able to kind of have that spark and an explosion if we get pushed far enough, especially especially with. So with this moon being in Aquarius right now, today, but then moving right into Pisces today, then just a couple of days later, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, and so the Sun and the moon will be in signs that technically square one another. They won't be at an exact square, but they will be in signs that do Build a little bit of friction between each other. And while that's happening, then the moon is gonna move into Aries and spark a little bit more fire. So this is why I can kind of sense a little bit of this building and break and and. While we of course want to try to utilize our coping mechanisms and our tools that help Prevent us from getting to a big breaking point, I'll be honest with you that's not always the most realistic. Sometimes we get so hung up on the fact that we broke in the first place that really when the progress is is actually in how we respond to ourselves after that breaking point. So that's why I really wanted to drive this point home. This week, with all this energy Going into Sagittarius, it's super easy to be like, uh, amaze, the heaviness of Scorpio season. I can feel the heaviness lifting. I am already starting to feel amazing. I'm already starting to feel lighter on my feet, perfect. But again, I'm not really noticing that static, quietly, slowly but surely building in the background as we make our way to this Gemini full moon and, and I Really think that we can kind of get on this like no, it's fine, no, it's fine, it's fine that that meme with the you know the dog in the house and everything's on fire no, it's fine, we can. We'll probably see some of that this week. And where can you let yourself be honest and be like okay, anything's wrong. Fire, this kind of sucks. And I'm feeling frustrated and I thought that I made it past this point, but actually I'm not. I'm still feeling really frustrated by it. I'm still feeling really angered by it. You know, whatever that is for you, maybe naming those feelings, naming those experiences, is Going to be a much more effective step one, because maybe, just maybe, we'll work our way then to this Gemini full moon and and we will be able to have this beautiful kind of up level in our communication and our interactions From the end of this week into next. As we hit into this, this full moon and Gemini, it's gonna be an excellent time For sharing what needs to be shared. If there's been an issue that that needs to be addressed, that you know, oh, needs to be addressed, and you really, really have not been wanting to. And please, isn't there any other ways? And there's something else I can do or adjust or switch this so that I? Probably not. But maybe, just maybe, if we can show up to ourselves with some gentleness, some understanding, some validation, maybe when we do have to share this truth, or maybe when we do have a difficult Interaction that we know needs to take place, maybe it won't be as bad as we always thought that it was going to be. So we were kind of fearful of it being up until this point. Yes, sagittarius keeps its eye on the prize and it doesn't Get bogged down by the details, but we don't want to ignore the details so much that they're building and building, and building until the static is so loud that we find ourselves Totally shouting and screaming just to get out of it. And if you do get to that place, if that does happen, even after you listen, a moon day, even after you're like I'm taking this, danny, yep, you're speaking to me, this is me 100%. I'm gonna take this advice, I'm gonna validate myself, I'm gonna do all the things and if the break still happens, the emotional break still happens. It's okay, babe. It's okay, you are good, all of you is good. Last night my daughter and her wonder five-year-old wisdom, we had a little common, you know, rough little interaction before bed. She was frustrated, she didn't want to go to bed and I was trying to be really, really calm and she was sort of trying to be calm but you know, in that five-year-old way, she still had her little break and got super mad and sassy for a second and I kind of just paused and was like dude and kind of just let her process for herself. You know what she just said, how she was just acting and I didn't really react and we just sat there for a second and she goes. I'm worried. I think that I'm half bad and half good. I'm a half bad person and I'm a half good person. No, obviously the mom the mother and me is like great, I have not filled her power box enough so that when hard things happen like this, or she says things or does things like that, that she can still feel secure in herself. You know, obviously in my mom guilt I instantly turned it into oh great, look at it, I'm making my daughter think that she's a bad person. But I took my own big breath in that moment and looked at it as an opportunity, because all of us experienced this. Whether we are five years old or not, all of us experienced this, where we are doing our fucking best and honestly, as far as our track record goes, we're doing pretty good. We're doing pretty good. We're trying to recycle and try and stay up to date and what's going on in this world and actually intentionally be a person that hopefully helps counteract some of these awful things that we're seeing in the world. Most of us really are through big things and little things, really trying to do our best and be our best. Something happens and pushes us over the edge, usually emotionally, and it does. It takes us right to this place where we're like shit, am I bad actually? Am I actually a bad person? Am I actually not doing as good as I thought? Is the good? I think I'm doing not actually that good. We can kind of go into this place of self-doubt and insecurity. So I'm going to do for you exactly what I did for her last night and I, in turn, am going to take this into my own pocket myself this week, right along with you. Okay, I want you to repeat after me I am good. All of me is good. I am a person who makes mistakes. Because I am a person, I have the capacity to learn. No matter what I do, I can learn from it. All of me is good. I am good. Take a nice big breath to affirm that you are a sentient creature, being who is learning, who is experiencing and doing its best to learn. Mistakes are part of the game. Getting to that point of breaking it's part of the journey, and you always, always get to breathe through those moments. Allow them to pass, process them how you need to and learn from them. Moving forward. It does not make you bad, and I think that's a really, really, really beautiful place to leave off for today's Monday. So, instead of a card poll today, I have that affirmation for you and you'll find a simpler version in your email for today, in case you need to take a screenshot or jot those words down in your planner, your notebook, maybe on your mirror for yourself. But I think that those words are going to help and serve you well into this week. That's my hope and that's my intention with them, my friend and my wonderful neighbor. So thank you. Thank you so much for your time today. It's okay if you're feeling the static build. You can breathe through tough moments and you can breathe after you've had a really tough moment, even if you're not thrilled with how that moment went down. All of you is good. Send in you all my love, and I am on this journey right there with you. My friend, I hope you have a beautiful week. Don't forget that that energy is building and building as we make our way to our full moon in Gemini next week. Be understanding, be forgiving of yourself and others and make sure, of course, that this week you stay safe, you let yourself have some damn fun and, of course, stay magical out there. What is that witch school? Well, it's kind of my twist on Patreon. See, for as little as $5 a month, you can get instant access for an entire back catalog of incredible bonus content, like bonus episodes, witchy lessons, a ton of astrology resources, guest teachings and so much more. But I didn't want to just keep the magic going in between episodes with bonus content. I wanted to keep the learning going. I wanted to keep the community going. So I also offered tiers that opened up opportunity for continued intentional, magical academic learning, as well as opportunity for creating community with like-minded witchy individuals. For just $30 a month, you can get full, complete access to everything inside that witch school, including our exclusive members-only social media platform on Mighty Networks, where, right now, witches and energy practitioners and students just like you are all learning, working together, sharing together and supporting each other. Week in and week out, we talk about the show, we share dreams that we've had, we share each other's tarot readings and, ultimately, we support each other as magical beings in a very anti-magical world. You can join us today at thatwitchnextdoorcom slash enroll to learn more and start your enrollment today.

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