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Moonday Musings Week of 11/13-11/19: The Truth Is Coming Out

November 13, 2023 That Witch Next Door Season 5
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Moonday Musings Week of 11/13-11/19: The Truth Is Coming Out
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Are you making room for your truth? Scorpio season is coming to an end, and with it BIG revelations are being illuminated. Let’s learn how to take full advantage of the Scorpio Mars Cazimi, and what wisdom we can take from some possible tension in our long-term relationships this week on today’s Moonday Musings episode.

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I don't know what's more confusing learning astrology or just being a human. Moon Day Musings is here to help with that A weekly, no bullshit guide for the upcoming cosmic forecast and how you can actually use this in your real life. Well, hi, neighbor, happy Monday and happy Moon Day, and welcome, of course, to another episode of Moon Day Musings. If you've never been here before, welcome. I'm very glad to have you here, and I'm Danny and I'm that witch next door and I am going to walk you through the astrophorcast for this week. Try to de-complicate it a little bit how do you like that for a word and hopefully share a little bit of information and insight that inspires you to embody this information Really, take it into your real everyday life this week. So we have a new moon in Scorpio that is essentially taking place right now. I released the episodes at 4 am Eastern time, whenever an episode drops, and the new moon is exact today at 4 27 am Eastern time. So we are in some new moon in Scorpio vibes. What a perfect time for our self-check-in. So, at the top of the show, at the top of the week, every week, we take a pause, we take a moment to really check in with ourselves, get centered and present with our energy and just our current state of being. So whether you're sitting or standing or walking or doing dishes or work or whatever it is you're doing right now, you can keep doing what you're doing. Or, if you're able to get into a position that feels a little bit more comfortable or just kind of change things up from what you've been doing, just to bring a little bit of awareness to the present moment. I feel really called to. I'm like sitting on my hands a little bit. My hands are tucked pretty far underneath my thighs right now, under my legs, and this is something that just helps me feel grounded, grounded and rooted. So I don't know if maybe you need a little bit of extra grounded energy or maybe weighted energy right now, but that's what I'm doing today. If you feel safe or you feel called to close your eyes right now, you are more than welcome to. But we are going to take some really nice big cleansing breaths together. Take a big inhale through your nose, big, big, big breath, and out your mouth, exhale, really push all that air out and when you've emptied all the air out of your lungs through your nose, take another big breath in, maybe even hold for just a brief moment at the top of that breath, and then open your mouth, really sigh and exhale all that air out, push it all the way out of your lungs and when you do, one last breath, make it really count. A big, big breath in through your nose and out, exhale, empty all that air out of your lungs. And in this little space of stillness and awareness that you've created around yourself, I want you to just open up to your body, to your mind, to your own personal energetic field right now and allow whatever's coming through to come through too. There might be a little tick or a little like nudge on your body. Maybe something feels tense or uncomfortable, maybe something feels stiff, stagnant, needing a little stretch or movement or rub with your hands, create a little bit of warmth over that area. Maybe it's mostly in your mental field and you've been having a lot of racing thoughts. Maybe it's been the same thought, maybe it's your emotions, maybe you have had some really heightened, heightened senses. You're just feeling very deeply right now. We're simply observing, not necessarily just the emotions that you're feeling. We're simply observing, not necessarily trying to fix anything, and instead I want you to look at whatever it is that is calling out to you, whatever you can do in this moment, a little gesture you can offer, word of advice or comfort or validation to yourself, a movement or emotion of appreciation for yourself or that part of your body or mind. Something simple, yet trust that it is profound, because this is a small but important step of meeting your own needs, and that's really important, and it's really easy to forget to do that. So that's why I like using a moment at the top of the show every moon day to do that with you. And this moves us perfectly easily into our moon scope for the week, because the moon represents how we're feeling and how we're experiencing our feelings and the emotions of others as well. And so this week, like I said, we are starting out in a new moon in Scorpio. It is right, fucking now, depending on when you're listening to this, that new moon portal is going to be open until later this evening, eastern time, when the moon will move into Sagittarius. It will stay in Sagittarius until early Thursday morning when it moves into Capricorn. There it will stay until Saturday morning and it will move into Aquarius and we will round out our week with the moon in Aquarius. So you can take a look at your chart, your full chart, and take a look at where Scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn and Aquarius all span in your chart. What houses those lie in for you If you have any placements or characteristics in any of those signs and know that the moon is going to be transiting and traveling through all of that and bringing some emotional awareness and potentially some increased sensitivities to some of these areas. Sensitivity doesn't always mean we're being a crybaby although sometimes it does but sometimes it just means we're increasing our senses, just sensing things even more in those areas of life or even more attuned energetically to those areas of life where those placements are parts of ourselves. Ok, now for this week, the week of November 13th. So we talked last week, on Friday, about this new moon in Scorpio, with our Shadowchats episode, of course, but we I want to just say that this is our last week in Scorpio. Next week the moon, next week the sun is going to move into Sagittarius and Sag season will be here and all the fun that comes with that and the new moon in Scorpio. I just want to say that I think that the beginning of Scorpio season gets a lot of love due to Halloween. Let's be honest, just call it what it is and the last few weeks in Scorpio season can be intense in a variety of ways, and if you feel like you're getting hit pretty hard right now, I just want you to know I'm with you, I'm putting my arm around you in a virtual hug, my friend, and I really, really feel for you this week as we make our way from new moon to our first quarter moon next week, and we see that building that comes with this part of the lunar cycle every month. As I was looking throughout the astrological energy for this week, I definitely was noticing that deeper connection of Scorpio, and what kept coming to mind for me are the things that we try to convince ourselves and eventually we can't see it that way anymore and no matter what, the truth, the true nature of our feelings, what we want, what we desire, who we are, what we desire, who we are reveals themselves. And this week, on Saturday, we'll have a Mars Kazini, which means that Mars and Scorpio will be conjunct. The sun in Scorpio and that happens just 20 minutes after Mercury in Sagittarius builds in some tension with asteroid Juno, and Mercury in Sagittarius can sometimes lose itself almost a little too much in the fun and the adventure and to counter that, juno, our asteroid of long-term partnership, who's currently in Virgo, can definitely get a little too refined, a little too rigid, a little too traditional, and I think it's really really interesting that this square happens right before the Mars. Scorpio. Pazamy, I want you to be brave. If there is something in your life that you have been committed to for a long time and your intentions have always been to stay committed to that thing for a long time, maybe it's an agreement, maybe it is a partnership, maybe it's a relationship with a place or a business or a job. I think that we're going to be working through some lessons on what we really want, and sometimes we need that almost too adventurous spirit. Sagittarius, which is where Mercury is right now and, like I said, it's our last week in Scorpio and the sun will move into Sagittarius next week and add to this party. I think that this is a time where we need some more adventure, we need some more excitement, we need some things to look forward to and feel inspired and driven by, and I think that sometimes our need for those things can overshadow the mundane and the boring parts of our lives. We feel like we're weighing us down and holding us back, and the truth is it's a lot more nuanced than that. Sometimes the things that feel like they're weighing us down are actually grounding us, and they're just grounding us while we're being a little too spirited, if you will. And that totally takes place on the flip side as well. Sometimes we're so paralyzed of our fear of the unknown that we think that the safety of the comfort of what we're used to all the time, that that must always, always, always, be the right way, the right thing Anytime. We are somebody who makes that kind of decision, who always goes for what's most comfortable and most safe. These are typically people who are very, very concerned with right versus wrong. Am I doing this the right way? Am I doing the right thing? Is this the wrong thing to do? And this is where that adventurous and pulse of spirit can offer a lot of medicine, because it's not really about right and wrong and sometimes staying comfortable is not actually the safest thing to do, and it is actually a lot more detrimental in the long term than we're able to realize in that moment. I think that this last week in Scorpio season, I think that post today's New Moon in Scorpio, leading up to this Mars and Scorpio, kazimie, this beautiful Mars Sun conjunction in Scorpio, I think some truths are being revealed, and I think that they're truths that we're feeling very particularly resistant to. And we see this kind of approach and resistance in Scorpio as a fixed sign. And it is in that final, ultimate, intense break into surrender. Fine, I'll let it go, fine, I'll do the thing. Fine, I won't do the thing. Whatever that intense break of surrendering looks like for you, on the other side of it there's so much relief. On the other side of it there's so much clarity. This is what we see in Kazimie. Oh, those huge, huge aha moments. But especially in Scorpio, they're the moments that we fucking white knuckle till the very, very last ounce of a moment. So I really hope that, whatever truth and you probably already know what it is it's usually something that's been eating at you for a little while, it's usually something that you had a little inkling about a little while ago. And oh, no, no, no, I can't, possibly, not me, I wouldn't, I couldn't, possibly, that couldn't be for me, that's for them. And then it keeps building, festering, growing, expanding, and our grip tightens and tightens and tightens. Oh my God, the cards are. This is so funny. We just can't let go Tell our knuckles are white, our palms are red and sore. Oh my God. Think of that feeling when you are being. These cards are fucking hilarious. Think of that feeling when you're holding onto something so tight and because you're focusing so much on the holding, you don't realize all of a sudden, until you let go, how sore you are, how fatigued you are from that. This is very, very much what that scorpionic process of intense break to surrender looks like. So a little help from our tarot cards this week to really develop on this message. We got the seven of wands reversed and then we got gluttony upright. So first of all, absolutely we're going to go backwards, because it is fascinating to get gluttony in the last weeks, in the last days of Scorpio season, amidst this Scorpio new moon energy. When we're on the tourist Scorpio axis in general, indulging ourselves is absolutely part of the conversation. Pleasure is absolutely part of the conversation, whether you're in tourist, whether you're in Scorpio, and this idea of overindulging ourselves or being gluttonous in these things that we enjoy and just bombarding ourselves with pleasure, this is where we see cycles of binging, of addiction, of self-sabotage, when we're just hammering ourselves with, this is what feels good. Right, we're in a water season. We're in a very intensely feeling water sign right now and it operates in this emotion. And when we are resistant to difficult emotions or letting go, or we're so afraid of our fears themselves, we don't realize we're white-knockling whatever it is. When letting go, moving on, saying no, taking less, whatever that is that counterbalance to the gluttony part of it, that counterbalance to the overindulgence, that counterbalance to just absolutely gripping it with all of your might, we don't realize how much physical damage it's doing to us, we don't realize how much emotional damage it's doing to us and how much mental damage it's doing. And so when I saw the seven of ones reversed come out, the reason I laughed is because there needs to be a full step back from what you're doing, because whatever this thing is that you're not letting go of or you're consuming too much of or just hammering yourself with right now, it's something that you deeply have convinced yourself is a quote, unquote, good for you thing. And this little sneaking, annoying seed of truth that's just been growing and growing, that you're just trying to deny and avoid more and more and more the seven of ones here is like hold the fuck on for a second Hold on. We need to reevaluate the whole entire situation, because what you think you're fighting off, what you think you're calling you, are all mixed around right now, my friend, of what's good for you and what's not good for you, because you've probably been focusing a little bit too much on one or two specific details and not taking the bigger picture into consideration. Hence this mercury and Sagittarius energy right now. So we are amidst some big revelations of truth, and those might be revealed this week again. In a lot of ways. I think you already know Whatever it is. I know what it is for me, these little thoughts that I don't like having. It might mean I did something wrong. It might mean I was wrong about something. It might mean I changed my mind about something. That's always a hard one for me. Fuck, I think I changed my mind. Fuck, I changed. I don't actually want that anymore. Or shit, I do actually want that. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I actually want that. There is some kind of going with the flow nose to the grindstone system that is actually really damaging right now. You're going so hard at it because you're so convinced. Whatever it is, on the surface it probably looks like no, this is a fine thing. Can't possibly be the thing that's damaging me, can't possibly be the thing I need to let go of. I encourage you to roll your shoulders back, let them drop down from your ears, take three nice big cleansing breaths, just like we did with the self check-in. You know how to create moments of space for yourself. Remember that it's not a race. Remember that your timeline is your own. Give yourself the grace and the understanding necessary to simply hold whatever truth is coming through for you. And as you hold space for this, you will be guided microstep by microstep, how to nurture it. The process of transitioning or transforming, letting go or embracing whatever it is for you that you're doing does not have to look or feel or be as terrifyingly intense as you're anticipating it to be. You are lovingly and divinely guided every microstep of your way. Any time that you need to create a breath of space for yourself, you can. I promise. I promise you. You always have 30 seconds to breathe some space around you that is coming through so so strongly through me today. It's probably the most important reminder I can give you, even if it feels like a small reminder now. I want you to file it in your back pocket for later, so that you can remind yourself later. I always have 30 seconds to breathe some space into my life and around me. Breathe in, breathe out. My friend, I love you so much. Thank you for spending your Monday and your moon day with me. I hope that the messages that came through are helpful, insightful, informative and maybe, just maybe, even a little inspiring for your week ahead. I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful rest of your week, neighbor. I can't wait to see you this Friday for our episode. And, of course, I want all of you to make sure that you stay safe while you're out there, make sure you're letting yourself, have some fun and, of course, stay magical. What is that witch school? Well, it's kind of my twist on Patreon. See, for as little as $5 a month, you can get instant access for an entire back catalog of incredible bonus content, like bonus episodes, witchy lessons, a ton of astrology resources, guest teachings and so much more. But I didn't want to just keep the magic going in between episodes with bonus content. I wanted to keep the learning going. I wanted to keep the community going, so I also offered tiers. That opened up opportunity for continued intentional magical academic learning, as well as opportunity for creating community with like-minded witchy individuals. For just $30 a month, you can get full, complete access to everything inside that witch school, including our exclusive members-only social media platform on Mighty Networks, where, right now, witches and energy practitioners and students just like you are all learning, working together, sharing together and supporting each other. Week in and week out, we talk about the show, we share dreams that we've had, we share each other's tarot readings and, ultimately, we support each other as magical beings in a very anti-magical world. You can join us today at thatwitchnextdoorcom slash enroll to learn more and start your enrollment today.

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