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Moonday Musings Week of 10/30-11/5: Halloween & Spiritual Vulnerability

October 30, 2023 Season 5
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Moonday Musings Week of 10/30-11/5: Halloween & Spiritual Vulnerability
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Sooo many layers in the astrology this week indicate heightened sensitivities across different areas of our lives—activity in the spirit realm, activity in the dream realm, our emotions and sense of home, the nature of our relationships, our role in the conscious collective amidst trauma, tragedy, and horror—and believe me, it is easy to feel overwhelmed af right now.

With Halloween and Samhain upon us, a boatload of Scorpio energy, Saturn ending its retrograde cycle in Pisces, and asteroid Vesta beginning its retrograde cycle in Cancer, notice where you’re experiencing the drive to control—to do, to make, to be. Our celestial guides are suggesting we listen, we hear, and we observe. For the best course of action, the most effective way through, it will reveal itself from a rainbow of unlikely voices around you. If you’re feeling the sensitivity, ask yourself, what am I sensing?

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I don't know what's more confusing Learning astrology or just being a human. Moon Day Musings is here to help with that A weekly, no bullshit guide for the upcoming cosmic forecast and how you can actually use this in your real life. Hello, my spooky friend. Happy Monday and happy Moon Day. Welcome to Moon Day Musings. If you've never been here before, hey, I'm Danny and I'm that witch next door, and today's my birthday, actually, yay. But most importantly, it's the day before Halloween. Tomorrow is also known as all Hallows Eve, or Salwin. You may have seen that word before and maybe you haven't heard it pronounced yet. It looks like it's pronounced Sam Hain, but this is a word actually pronounced Salwin, and this is rooted in ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the witch's new year. This is when the sun as far as our entire solar year is concerned, this is when the sun sets, the previous year ends, the wheel is turning and starting a new chapter for us, and this is the time of year that the veil is at its thinnest. You may have heard that before as well, many, many times, and even if you're not quite sure exactly what that means yet, you probably sense something, that phrase, by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Those little like notches and tangleys and those little prickings, if you will, are kind of awakening our feelers. Our energetic antennae and sensitivities are heightened right now, heightened, heightened. Let's start off before we just like dive in, let's start off with a little self-checking, especially since we may be feeling quite sensitive right now. Let's take a nice big, deep breath in, fill your belly up as you inhale, all the way up, hold for a brief moment and exhale, allow the breath to come cascading and pouring out of you, push that breath all the way out. And do another big, full belly breath in, fill every corner of yourself with your breath at the very top of your inhale, hold for a little second and then release and exhale and push all that air all the way out of your lungs. And last one, let's really make this count take a nice big, full breath in through your nose, hold and release and exhale and push all of that air out. And in the presence of this moment, this awareness that we've created with our breath, take this time to check in with your body, your mind. Your body, your mind and your spirit or your energy. How are you feeling? What are you sensing? Are there any particular thoughts really drilling at you right now? Is there any part of your body that might be feeling a little tense, maybe even in a little bit of pain? You might be noticing energy from those around you, especially given our sensitivities, and I want you in this moment, while you're checking in with your own energy if you have been feeling overwhelmed by others lately in your sensitivity I want you to envision a beautiful, loving orb all around you that protects your energy. It keeps you from this overwhelm and distraction and like onslaught of energy and information coming from this time of year. The spiritual chatter can be very, very, very loud and it's okay to separate ourselves from that and take a little break from it In this orb. Okay, so that we give ourselves the space to really focus on our messages that our body, that our intuition are sending us right now. And as you give yourself this space, you can make a little promise, make a little gesture towards yourself, speak some words or an affirmation of some kind, something that responds to any messages or signs or signals that your body or your mind are giving you right now. If there's been a thought that's just been pricking at you, if there's a part of your body that's in pain or tense or really bothering you right now. How can you create some space to listen to that, validate that message that you're being sent from yourself right now? And what's a little gesture, a little response of acknowledgement that shows that you're listening? We don't want to just open up and walk away, but open up and listen and offer something, some kind of acknowledgement and validation, to your body or your mind or your spirit right now and for this time together we're going to sit in this nice protective orb and talk all about the cosmic and spiritual energy this week on this very sacred, sacred week, and I think that that will help us move forward, feeling grounded, yet very spiritually connected after this episode. So we are looking at the week of today, starting Monday October 30th through Sunday November 5th. That's right, it's already November in two days. This always happens, doesn't it? The moon scope this week where the moon's at. Take a look at your chart. Okay, pull up your chart, the full circle, not just the list, otherwise you're not going to see where these are. Pull up your chart, that full circle, and take a look at where the signs of Taurus, gemini, cancer and Leo span in your chart, because this is the section of your chart that your moon is transiting through. This week. It will finish out and close out that chart and close out that eclipse portal from last week and finish out its cycle in Taurus in the early morning hours of today In Eastern time, it might be more midday or evening depending on your time zone when it will finally move into Gemini. It'll stay there until Wednesday, november 1st. So we will finish out October with a Gemini moon and we will begin November with the moon in Cancer, where it will stay until Saturday, the 4th, when the moon moves into Leo, and we will round out this week with the moon in Leo. So tomorrow, like I said, is Salon Ahal-Ziv Haul-Leen, and the veil is thin. This is the witch's new year. It's a more accurate way of saying it is Pagan New Year. There were many ancient societies that followed a similar wheel of the year. Make no mistake, the wheel of the year that we follow as many modern Pagans, is based in ancient roots, but it is not like a direct replica of exactly what our ancestors followed. There were actually lunar following, ancient peoples that were much earlier, and these celebrations that we see in their own modern way today are known as the Esibats, which are based on the lunar cycle, and this includes wow off the top of my head. I'm really losing it. I believe that I wish I could picture the wheel in my head and I don't have the wheel right in front of me. So the solar seasons. Maybe I should start there, that will help. The solar seasons are based on the solstices and the ancient people that followed the sun and celebrated the sun. These are where we see rituals and celebrations centered around movements from the sun. The others were around the lunar phase or the lunar calendar year, and Samhain is one of those. But like the summer solstice, the winter solstice, this was part of the solar calendar year and in Neo or modern paganism these have been combined into one full wheel of the year. You can look a little more into that online if you wanna know. Just like type in, like the ancient roots or origins of the wheel of the year, of the pagan wheel of the year. So now is a wonderful time for connecting with our spirits past, on loved ones, ancestors, honoring death. This can look like honoring the memories of people that have died and holding them in reverence, and these can be people that you knew personally and in your life and in your family and in your lineage, but they can also just be people in the collective as well. Maybe these are spirits or people that have passed that were part of your community, like your local community or different community that you're a part of. Maybe they are just a part of our global collective and they are part of a lot of the really catastrophic, absolutely tragic and horrifying events that we're witnessing in several places throughout the world. You can hold space, reverence, honor the memories of these people. It's hard not to focus on the anger around the death itself, and this is where Scorpio season, and so when we are allowed to tap into that sacred rage. Right, scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. It is absolutely attuned to sacred rage. It's okay to feel angry. It's okay to feel angry and I would say, on that same token, it's okay to feel. Don't let your anger be the thing that's making you hide from any other feelings. Scorpio holds space for the whole entire spectrum of emotion. Now, this is a really sacred time and most of us can really feel the magic, but, just like we talked about last week, on last week's Monday, we can definitely feel the heaviness as well. We might be feeling a little bit of alleviation, since we just had that big full moon partial eclipse in Taurus over the weekend on the 28th. We might be feeling a little bit battered and bruised from that, depending on how we experience the eclipse, this go-around, but I do want you to try to take the place of an observer in your own feelings, in your own experience right now. When you take this role, right now, when you take this position of observer, what you're going to be doing is really opening up your listening, really opening up your receptivity and your capacities for allowing. And when Scorpio doesn't do this, when Scorpio doesn't surrender to that natural state of allowing and receiving and listening, it tries to manipulate and it tries to control. And it's coming from on the surface, that rage, that rageful anger, which is usually covering up some sort of fear. When we surrender to the full spectrum of emotions, we surrender to the fear, we open up, we allow and we listen. We can then much more effectively hold space for the experience itself. This is how we honor the dead and therefore, in spite of these experiences, no matter how tragic and awful, when we allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of what that is and what that means to us. Then we see this Scorpio-Rieber, then we see this regeneration, then we see the phoenix rising from the ashes and this is where we see this beautiful evolution and progress and that's where the sacred rage is born and that's where the sacred action from that Mars rulership does come from. But if we don't have that space for allowing and receiving and really sitting with the feelings and the experience first, we don't realize how quickly we slip into a state of just manipulation and control because we're operating from a place of total fucking fear. So protect your energy right now, but also use it wisely. Don't be afraid to hold in, not necessarily forever, but allow yourself to have pauses and hold for a moment and allow and receive and listen and then step forward and then act and then speak, etc. Now this week we also have Vesta, the asteroid stationing retrograde in cancer. This is happening on Tuesday, november 2nd. Vesta, as an asteroid, is this placement that represents hearth home, the strength and the resilience that we cultivate from within, the things we consider to be home, aka the things about our life that fill us up and provide us with the security and the safety to feel things like strength and resilience. With Vesta already being in cancer, literally doing this and bringing this energy and cultivating it in our actual home space will feel pretty second nature right now. So if you've been called to being at home a lot or just tending to your home space to make it a very, very cup-filling environment, this is right on par with Vesta's cycle in cancer. Right now, when Vesta stations retrograde, we might find ourselves picking some of these things apart a little bit. Maybe even looks like straight up reorganizing the home, resituating things. Maybe a nice little purge of some things that are no longer serving might feel nice. But I think that some of the biggest things we'll see is we would do well to be very intentional about the energy we're creating and allowing in our home space, not just our physical house home space, but our big conceptual home space. What are you allowing into your home space? What have you been allowing into your home space? Have you heard the lore that you have to invite a vampire for it to enter into your home? I want to let you sit with that for a second, because have you been, maybe even accidentally, inviting some vampires into your home's energy? Vesta retrograde cycle is going to bring a lot of our attention to that and to those kinds of reflections so that we can do some alignment for ourselves that do again create stronger fortitude in our resilience that we cultivate with it. And lastly, we have Saturn stationing direct in Pisces on Saturday, November 4th. This direct station caught my eye a while ago when I was looking at the planetary stations, because Saturn will be stationing direct at zero degrees of Pisces. So when Saturn stationed retrograde I might not have that in this almanac in front of me, I don't. It was before this, so it was earlier this year and the month is just slipping my mind. I apologize everybody. This retrograde cycle began in Pisces not too terribly long after Saturn went into Pisces in general started all of you lovely Saturn Pisces placement, started all of your Saturn returns and you all started experiencing your first Saturn return retrograde cycle. And we all were experiencing Saturn retrograde, just not necessarily during our Saturn return. So this is where we see on the chart Saturn moving backward through the journey of Pisces, going on that reflective journey, and very often a planet will dip back into the sign it previously came from. But in this particular case Saturn stops and stations direct to begin moving forward once again ending its retrograde cycle at zero degrees of Pisces and honestly I thought this was interesting, mostly because I feel like we are like supposed to be in Saturn, in Pisces. Energy right now, like Saturn and Pisces are not two energies that necessarily coincide on the surface. They don't necessarily butt heads. I wouldn't say that, I wouldn't say that they're necessary conflicting energies, but I also wouldn't say they're next on the surface, that they're necessarily have this natural kinship either. Saturn is like, so grounded, so earth based, so practical. It's going to have a lot more in kinship with the opposite sign of Pisces, virgo. Right, any kind of practical earth. This is going to make sense to Saturn. Saturn knows how to operate in the practical, in the tangible, in the physical. Pisces doesn't really do that. Pisces doesn't base things off of practicality. Pisces doesn't base things off of reality. Pisces has to learn how to do that effectively in its journey. And Pisces' role is to get us to unanchor a little bit. It's the final sign in the Zodiac because it's to remind us, hey, by the way, this whole giant human journey that you're having, this very earth, earth, earth based journey that you're experiencing in this life yeah, you're still a spiritual being, just so you know, you are an earth being, you are a human in this life and you are fucking spiritual as shit. And Pisces brings us back to that knowledge, ultimately before we start our cycle over again in Aries, of course. But Saturn and Pisces each have a lot to learn from each other. That's the best way to say it, and I really, really think that we are supposed to be paying the fuck attention right now that's probably the best way I can say it. Pay the fuck attention to your career, to your livelihood, the way that you contribute to society, the way you contribute to your own household and resources. Pay attention to how others build, pay attention to what you are building. Pay attention to the way others discipline themselves and what the idea of discipline means to you and how that's evolved over these years. I don't know that we're initiating a lot of the change itself in Saturn and Pisces. I think that we're going to see a lot more of the things that are going to catalyze change and things that are going to get us into a place of initiating action when Saturn moves into Aries in its next cycle. So that right now is just a very excellent time, this whole week, really, starting with Salwin, with Halloween, with the thin veil, with Vesta stationing retrograde and cancer, with Saturn stationing direct in Pisces. This is an excellent week to be paying attention. Take notes right now, maybe even fucking literally. Maybe take notes, journal about it first, talk in your voice, note, pray to your guides, call up a close friend or loved one first. Maybe pay attention and observe and process a little bit first before initiating right now. I think that that will be some helpful, welcome advice this week. So let's kind of wrap things up by taking a look at what the cards have to say for us this week. So of course, I had to keep it very on theme with the decks that I chose today, and I chose the Halloween tarot deck for the tarot cards and then I pulled out the Oracle of Pluto deck for our Oracle support card. So the Halloween tarot deck. I'll make sure that these are linked in our email. By the way, the Halloween tarot deck is created by Kipling West and my husband gifted that to me many years ago. Now the Oracle of Pluto is from an astrologer that I follow, that I've mentioned many times on the show, that I admire and follow their work very, very often, which is Aubrey Hoechell, I've never pronounced Aubrey's last name so I apologize if I butchered that. But the graveyard roses on Instagram if that sounds familiar because I referenced the graveyard roses quite a bit she and her partner put out her deck partner put out this beautiful Oracle of Pluto deck this year and I pre-ordered it forever ago as soon as she announced it and then it arrived in August I believe it was, and it's just become. It's one of those decks that became an instant favorite. So I'll make sure that these are linked in the email because they're just very in the season cards and I have a feeling a lot of you around here will be drawn to them as much as I am. So we pulled a reversed Queen of Bats and Elephant from the Oracle of Pluto deck In the Halloween Tarot deck. Bats are our air suit or the suit of swords. So when we see the Queen of Bats reversed, when we see Queen of Swords reversed, we definitely see somebody having some control issues and trying to manage everything or trying to feel like they have everything figured out. This is resulting in some overwhelm and some scatteredness of mind that is leading to cold, harsh, snippy words and attitude. Queen of Swords reversed energy can come out like I'm acting like a bitch right now, quite just to call it straight up, like it is the purpose of getting Queen of Swords reversed in our reading today, based on all the cosmic messages that we pulled through today. This is definitely like hey, we are not supposed to be initiating action right now. We are supposed to be in our receptivity, we are supposed to be observing and simply making note right now. So let's see how the Oracle of Pluto supports this. Because we pulled the elephant card. Now, if you have your email pulled up so that you can take a look at the imagery on the card, I wanna explain really quick. It's one of the things I love so much about this deck, so it's an Oracle of Pluto and because of that, it is very dedicated to and in honor of, shadow work in general, and so the images on these cards are of shadow puppets and other elements that relate to the energy of that card. So we pulled elephant, like I said, and the meaning is obstacles, strength, majesty, wisdom and endurance. Perhaps one of the most famous images of an elephant is that of the Hindu God, ganesh. He is the mover of obstacles, and people often pray to him when they need help overcoming one. If the elephant has arrived in your reading, it's possible you have an obstacle in your path now. There is a strength and a certain wisdom required to tackle this pesky roadblock, as it may seem as heavy or as big as an elephant. However, along with the strength, we must also have grace. Figuring out how to embody both at once, and how to embody them effectively, is where wisdom comes in. It's likely that the obstacle you're facing now is a frustrating one. Maybe the situation has been playing out for some time and you find yourself feeling defeated or discouraged. The elephant card also calls for resiliency and endurance. Remember that elephants are often symbols of good luck. Yours may be right around the corner. Further reflection despite being one of the largest creatures in the animal kingdom, the elephant is a gentle giant. Imagine the force an elephant can muster and how they instead choose to channel that force through softness. How can embodying this same approach serve you now? Well, well, well, if that's not exactly what we were talking about, put the cosmic energy for this week, I don't know what it is. Yeah, the strength that it calls for to be in a place of allowing grace, gentleness and observing. Lots and lots to let ourselves ponder right now and I hope you give yourself the space to do just that Don't give yourself all this pressure for tomorrow for sawing for Halloween, on what to do and how to take advantage of the magic. Let the magic speak to you, let the spirit speak to you. Protect your energy, practice energy. Protect your energy, practice energetic safety and boundaries, and then open up and listen. It really is such a sacred time of year, giving you such a big, warm, cozy end of October hug right now. My friend and my neighbor, thank you so much for being here with me today. I hope you have a beautiful, sacred week. Make sure that you stay safe. I hope that you get to have some fun and, of course, stay magical out there. Questions, comments, suggestions or just looking for that witch outside of that witch podcast. Make sure you're following me on social media over on Instagram, tiktok, pinterest and Twitter. You can find links to all of those in the show notes below. And make sure you're subscribed to my email newsletter by going to thatwitchnextdoorcom and submitting your email on the homepage. 이렇게 is justOoh tie locking for how we out of.

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