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Moonday Musings 10/9-10/15: Where Will You Be When Mars Moves Into Scorpio?

October 09, 2023 That Witch Next Door Season 5
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Moonday Musings 10/9-10/15: Where Will You Be When Mars Moves Into Scorpio?
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What an astrological week indeed. Today’s Moonday Musings forecast calls for the first eclipse of the season (what’s shaking, Libra?), Pluto directing forward again, and a deep, dark message for what’s to come as Mars moves into its home sign, Scorpio 🔥 Oh and did I mention we pulled the 10 of Swords this week?? It’s a hot little toddy today, neighbor. 

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Speaker 1:

I don't know what's more confusing Learning astrology or just being a human. Monday Musings is here to help with that A weekly, no bullshit guide for the upcoming cosmic forecast and how you can actually use this in your real life. Hello, my friend, my most wonderful magical neighbor, and happy Monday to you. Welcome to Monday Musings. We are at the top of another new week together and I am so happy and grateful to be here with you today. Thank you for joining me. If this is your first time on Monday Musings, well, hello and welcome. We are so excited to welcome you into our happy little neighborhood here. I'm Danny and I'm that witch next door and I will be your cosmic guide for the week. Here on Monday Musings, we dive into the astrological forecast for the week in a way that makes this information digestible and usable and beneficial for your real life. That's what we're all about here at that witch next door real magic for real life. And at the top of every single Monday Musings episode, we always start with a self check-in, a nice brief pause and moment of centering and grounding and awareness, and we are definitely going to be doing that this week because we have an eclipse coming up, and so I wouldn't be surprised if you could really really use a moment to pause and breathe. So, everybody, if you would please join me, whether you're sitting or standing, whatever it is that you're doing right now, the whole goal and intention of the self check-in it's to simply come into your body, come into this present moment, really ground in for the episode, because I believe so strongly that astrology is we're able to actualize its full potential from an open mind and a grounded heart. And when we've got some things abuzz, like Mars moving into Scorpio, pluto stationing direct before an eclipse, a new moon eclipse in Libra, it's definitely a good idea to breathe in and ground down and open up our minds and our hearts a little bit here. So, whatever position feels comfortable and realistic for you right now, go ahead and settle yourself into that, even if you have to keep moving right now while you're listening to this episode. The whole point is just to really bring our presence to this current moment that we're in right now and into your body. More specifically, we're gonna take three really nice, big, deep, cleansing breaths in and begin with a nice full belly inhale All the way, fill the very bottom of your lungs, hold for a brief, brief moment and allow that exhale to come pouring all the way out and push all that air all the way out of your lungs. And when you're ready, take that nice next, big, full belly, deep breath in and exhale that out. Really, push all that out. Last one, make it count big, deep breath in everyone and sigh and exhale. Push that air all the way out. Let your breath come back to a natural pace. Whatever feels right for you, your hands can find a spot position that feels comfortable and natural right now. Maybe they're over your heart, maybe they're in a position where you can feel natural right now. Maybe they're over your heart, maybe they're over your belly, maybe they're resting upon your thighs, palms down, palms up. Whatever feels right in this moment. My hands are always changing every single time Depends depends on where I'm at. At the very core of you is the center of your being. It resides at the very, very, very core of your body. A lot of people, this looks like a bright, brilliant glow within them. For others, it's just this very somatic, deep, inner feeling and when we are in tune with this, when we are fully present in the body, we can now listen, we can open up and be receptive to any messages, signs, anything that our body or our minds or our spirits are reaching out to offer us right now. Maybe there's a need that is looking to be met or acknowledged. Maybe there is something that you can promise yourself or offer yourself right now to remedy that. Validate that. Sometimes this looks like maybe a little tension or pain in the body and giving yourself this moment to stretch it out, place your hands on it, send some energy that way. Or maybe it also looks like just committing hey, I am going to get outside and stretch in the fresh air. Today Maybe it's been a lot of really racing thoughts and really really hard to stay present and grounded today. Maybe opening up a window, even for just a few minutes, and taking some nice big breaths in of the fresh air, that might be a way to meet your needs. The whole point of the self-check-in on moon day musings is to get in touch with how we feel, what's going on in our energy, and to actually acknowledge that and honor that. And with this we can start entering into our astrological forecast for the week, opening ourselves up to the planetary messages, this eclipse coming up, what all this means for us, what this kind of looks like for us. So the moon scope for the week today, on Monday, october 9th, the moon is starting out in the sign of Leo. It will stay there until tomorrow morning, on Tuesday, the 10th, when it will move into Virgo. The moon is going to stay in Virgo for a couple of days, until Thursday evening when it moves into Libra. Then the moon will stay in Libra all the way till Sunday morning where it will finally move into Scorpio and we will technically round out the week with a Sunday Scorpio moon. That Libra new moon is on Saturday, the 14th. So if you're wanting to get a jump on that, take a look at the astrology, take a look at the energy. That new moon is going to be on Saturday, october 14th at 1.55 pm Eastern time. This is an annular solar eclipse and this is happening at 21 degrees of Libra. So later this week we have our first shadow chats of season five. So I'm not going to dive into a lot of the concepts of this Libra new moon. I mostly want to point it out to you so that you can check your chart, or maybe pull the chart for the new moon itself and take a look at where Libra spans in your chart, in your life? Do you have any placements there? Or maybe the opposite? Maybe a lack thereof? Maybe no Libra placements? What house is this for you? Everything in Libra is being activated right now by the Libra sun, because we are already in Libra season and that's where the sun is. We also have Mars finishing up its cycle in Libra this week, and so anything that's there oh and we also have Mercury in Libra too as well and anything that's there in Libra right now is activating that part of your life or is in communication with those parts of yourself. This is a solar eclipse. It's the beginning of eclipse season. I know y'all are going to be out there in the world seeing all the info about eclipses that you always do. We have covered eclipses a lot around here. I love kind of debunking eclipse fear mongering. It's one of my favorite things to do, because I think that if you feel called to do magic, including manifestation on a particular day, and that day happens to be on or near an eclipse, I think it's going to be okay. I think that there's a reason you are being called to work with that energy. Chaos does not automatically equal Bad. You gotta remember that Chaos does not equal bad, and that's what you're gonna hear a lot about. Eclipse is oh, the energy is chaotic, oh, the energy is unpredictable. Well, that is true, and there are a lot of ways to ground into your energy, to anchor into your intentions and to open your mind up to the magic of maybe unpredictable Eclipse energy and I think that really beautiful, really transformative magic can take place. It's also OK and this is super common, probably more common, and I want to really validate it I think that because the energy around Eclipses is just so intense and we become so much more sensitive the closer that it gets, I think that sensitivity, that high, high energy all around us and in us, that's what makes us kind of more feel like I don't know, I don't know. I kind of feel like I should just kind of stay in, stick to me, in my own, stick to what I know. Take it easy. It's definitely a Libra new moon, after all. So I want you to know that that's just as valid of a call and a pull from your intuition as it would be as if it was pulling you to do a bunch of magic. So if the call is to specifically not pull tarot and not do any kind of spell work and just kind of stay in your jammies and watch some Netflix or whatever. Do it. You're being called to that for a reason, my friend, so Ashley and I are going to talk about some, I think, really helpful and really important themes around Libra energy on Friday during Shadow Chats. So make sure you come back this week for the Libra new moon, solar Eclipse, shadow Chats. Now on to our other couple of big shifts. This week we do have Pluto stationing direct. This is happening on Tuesday, the 10th 9 0, 9 PM Eastern Time. Pluto is going to end its retrograde cycle in Capricorn and it will station direct at 27 degrees of Capricorn before it begins its forward movement again. And I thought it might be helpful because we have had I'm sure you've heard we have had all kinds of characters stationing retrograde but also stationing direct. I thought it might be helpful today to do a really quick status update of the current planetary stations. So Mercury retrograde ended September 15th. Mercury is direct. Venus retrograde ended September 3rd. Venus is currently direct. Our asteroids are all currently direct right now, except for Chiron. Chiron will stay in its retrograde cycle until December 26th of this year, so we got a few more months of Chiron retrograde in Aries. Jupiter is also still retrograde, and that's because Jupiter just begins retrograde cycle on September 4th, so it's going to stay there until December 30th, right before the year changes. How interesting. And then Saturn is also still currently retrograde, and Saturn will station direct at 0 degrees of Pisces, so it almost went back into Aquarius, but just barely. It is stationing direct at 0 degrees of Pisces on November 4th. And then Uranus I almost almost forgot we did certainly have a lot of characters Uranus station retrograde in August we got a little bit longer to go so Uranus won't station direct till 2024, january 27th to be exact. Neptune, also at the end of the year. Here Neptune has been retrograde and will station direct on December 6th 2023. So that is a little status update for anyone curious about where the planets are, who's in their retrograde cycle, who is direct. To give you an overview, a retrograde cycle is an opportunity for reflection and reexamination and review. The reason it's an opportunity for this is because, yes, the events, the activities, the themes, anything connected with that planet, it is not meant to function as it typically does, in its regular fashion during its retrograde cycle. So we see a lot of dysfunction. We see a lot of stagnancy, we see a lot of, just, in general, feeling really scattered and disorganized, off kilter, off center. It can be extremely frustrating, but instead of getting swept up in the frustration and stuck in this fucking cyclone of just bitching about everything being difficult, the point of this is to get us to step outside of ourselves, outside of that perspective, and go hold on, hold, on, hold on, all right. What am I learning from all this goddamn dysfunction right now? Because I know that this planet is in retrograde, I know that this is not an accident, I know that I'm supposed to be opening myself up to some sort of recalibration here. Clearly, when things are dysfunctional like that, things are not working properly. Why, why is that happening? And getting real and honest and open and letting the answers to that kind of question come through, that is, from an astrologer's standpoint, the most effective way to lean into a retrograde cycle. All right, now let's finish up today by talking about Mars. Moving into Scorpio Now, mars is a ruler of Scorpio. Pluto is also a ruler of Scorpio in modern astrology. In traditional astrology, mars is a ruler of Scorpio. Mars is also the ruler of Aries. What I want to say right off the bat is when I was writing down the transit in my notes. So the symbol for Mars, then I always do a little arrow for the symbol of like moving into, then the symbol for Scorpio. All three of these were a little arrow. So the symbol for Mars has a little arrow shooting off in the right end of the distance, then the little arrow I row as a symbol for moves into and then the symbol for Scorpio on the tail end of that little M. It has an arrow on it. I was like that makes so much sense, makes so much sense. There is a lot of movement and it's going to be. It always is intense. It looks a little bit different than Mars and Aries, where I think this is a little more like surface area action, like it's very obvious action. We can see this really high, intense energy taking place right before our eyes. It's very loud, it's very proud, it's often very combative. In Scorpio we have the same intensity. With Mars and Scorpio we have the same intensity, but a lot of this is like surging under the surface. Scorpio has this ability to maintain like crazy, crazy stillness on the outside, on the surface, while God knows what is going on beneath the surface, hellfire is raging. This could be a very welcome boost in inertia. Mars is still at home in Scorpio, and so we can find ourselves in a bit of a groove. I would like to say, or more specify that I should say. I'd like to add, that our intuition tends to be like pretty on fucking point when Mars is in Scorpio. I would listen to yourself a little bit extra. Right now. It comes off a little bit cocky sometimes. That's how sure of oneself we can be when Mars is in Scorpio. We definitely still. It wouldn't be a bad idea to remind everybody to still have an open mind during this time. We do get this kind of surge in confidence. There's this inner knowing that we really anchor into, especially if we let ourselves. If you are somebody who's trying to really strengthen and practice and hone in on your spiritual and psychic abilities. Mars and Scorpio season awesome season for that Great time, for this intense inner trusting of oneself. It is going to be a natural time for shadow work. That's just the deal. I could see this being a time where shadows just kind of come up to the surface for people, but very, very often in Scorpio, because we're usually more comfortable with this work in Scorpio. I find that it's not always as heavy of a burden. We can see healing and shadow work taking place in a very natural way that doesn't necessarily feel as difficult or feel as challenging as that work can feel the rest of the time. Passions run on high. Lust it looks like lust on the surface. I will say that Mars and Scorpio looks like a lot of lust. It's more, it's more. It's almost always more. So take that, especially if you're receiving some intensity from somebody I don't know. I just have like a really interesting kind of like mini download come through for anyone. That's like oh well, they said that they just they like me. I'm sure they just like me. It's not really. There's some intensity behind it. I can feel that Stocker season, but for real. I would be brushing up on Ann Strong in your protection magic and your protection rituals during Mars and Scorpio. I think that we all walk with a little bit of extra confidence and I think that this is very, very, very welcome and very needed and not everyone moves through their life intentionally and mindfully, and there is definitely. We're going to see the Mars and Scorpio intensity lash outs for sure, and so it's definitely gonna be a good idea to protect yourself. Now, with this big increase in boost in fire and passions and lust and intensity of intimacy, you might see like this huge spike in your sex drive and just your sensuality in general, maybe that type of appreciation towards yourself or other people is a really great time to explore that and expand on that area of your life. And one of the biggest, biggest shadows that Scorpio comes up against is it has to learn how to direct that energy and how to be intentional with it, and so we don't wanna be like just giving ourselves away willy nilly like. This is a time and a source of a lot of fucking empowerment, especially through the modality of sexuality and sensuality. Don't lose your intention and your mindfulness, though, which can be hard when our sex drive is kind of running the game, but right now is a really good time to like spice it up in the bedroom with yourself, with your partner or multiple partners. This is a really fun time to try out kind of new styles, new music. I think that Scorpio is open to connection a lot more than we think of it, but it actually is. This is why it's such a deep and intimate sign, so it is a great time for exploration in general. Again, we just want to let's go into these things, like really grounded, and our energy is cleansed and our auras are protected, and then fuck, yes, let's ride into the dark and have a lot of fun. So, yeah, I'm excited. I think that whenever I see Mars and Scorpio in a chart, it's always a little center of like ooh, and I always wanna see what's going on around it, and it's a very, very fascinating energy to me, because I think that Mars just is so quintessentially connected to Aries that when it goes into Scorpio, we're like oh wait, this does fit. This does really fit too, and it's in a totally and completely different way. There is a lot of expansion that can happen here. There is a lot, a lot, a lot of leveling up that can happen here, whether that's in your relationship, in your career, your business, your finances, your spiritual abilities. There's a really, really big opportunity for transformation. Again, go into that with your energetic, witchy basics and you will really be able to take advantage of that. My friend, absolutely. So. Let's jump into the card poll for today. While I'm shuffling, you can kind of open yourself up to any messages and insight that you've been seeking. Right now. If you do feel stiff you've been sitting in the same place for a little bit you can kind of shake out your energy, roll out your limbs a little bit, maybe do a couple of stretches right now, take some nice refreshing, cleansing breaths. Oh, we got a jumper, my friends. Oh, my fucking god. Well, this makes a lot of sense. We're gonna talk about an important piece of Scorpio's energy here today. I just wanna pull one little companion card. No Oracle deck today. Oh, my god, this is so badass. I just felt really called to pull from my writer weight deck. I have one that was it's supposed to look like distressed and vintage that I ordered from this maker on Etsy that I really love, and so I don't have an Oracle card today. I just have two writer weight Smith cards and they are intense, right On theme with Scorpio. I think it's very much for a reason, before I jump right into the cards, I think it's very much for a reason, astrologically, cosmically speaking, that Pluto, one of the co-rulers of Scorpio, is stationing direct. This week, pluto, that retrograde period began. Let's see here. Oh, it's been so far back, it's before my little dates I have here in front of me, it was earlier this year, in 2023. I really apologize for not having the exact date. Going back and reflecting on the few, the past few months, when it comes to specifically personal transformation and the transformation you've witnessed in the world around you, this is an excellent time to really reflect on that. As Pluto stations direct and then the other co-ruler of Scorpio moves into the home sign of Scorpio, we have the opportunity to achieve some real alignment here. But one of the biggest things that I left out, that the cards are definitely not going to, let me forget, is Scorpio probably has the biggest lie detector radar of any sign in the in the zodiac and this is, in and of itself, the reason why it is also branded with being a very manipulative energy and one that lies and takes advantage of people. You know, we see this, this common thread when we talk about like Gemini energy and Libra energy a bit, when we're talking about the shadow qualities there, there can be some dishonesty. There it's a little different. It's usually more in like a smaller self preservation or to like not rock the boat for everybody, kind of a way. So Scorpio, the big shadow we're talking about here, is abuse of power and we're kind of playing a little bit bigger game here with bigger guns, and we're starting to talk about betrayal, stabbing somebody in the back and if you already opened up your cosmic quickie email for the week, you're like oh, now I know why we're talking about this, because we got 10 of sorts flat out. That was the one that flew out and jumped out at us and this was a really big reminder. I'm not playing when I say it's a good time to do your protection work for yourself, but sometimes your protection work is simply being like, unapologetically in tune with your sensitivities, your energetic sensitivities, what you pick up on in people's body language, those inner feels that you get and, like I said, they're going to be on high right now as as Mars moves into Scorpio, especially depending on your chart, depending on your chart and your own Scorpio placements, your own Mars placements and how this is going to affect your chart, it could really turn up the volume on your psychic and spiritual abilities. That's amazing, as long as you are aware of them and can utilize them. Now, keep in mind that 10 of swords exists in the tarot deck, because it's also inevitable. It's an experience we all have and have to go through is being betrayed, is being stabbed in the back, is being taken advantage of, stolen from, taken from, and there is always, always a lesson attached to that. This figure in the card that you're looking at. It's like totally one of the most intense cards in the tarot deck, isn't it? This figure does get up and does walk away and man it hurts, don't get me wrong. But there is a lot of reflection that is done after this and a lot of learning and as much as it fucking sucks to go through. And it makes total sense why we got this talking about Scorpio energy today that's ruled by Mars and Scorpio, these planets that, yeah, can be these bringers of destruction and be these bringers of turmoil, because those are part of the deal that we sign up for here. Some of our greatest learning happens in our greatest travesties, and this is because it evokes such a giant, intense emotional reaction out of us. It imprints itself on us, it imprints itself on our body, imprints itself on our nervous system, imprints itself on our soul very often as well, especially the really, really big stuff. Now it's beautiful. As a supporter card, we got the magician, which is very, very much supportive of all this. Talk of this is part of the bigger picture, part of the greater design, something you sign up for as a soul entering human life on Earth. It is something that strengthens you. You are literally gaining tools from this happening. That's exactly how I read these two cards across each other. This fucking hurts, it's really painful. It's either happened to you it's happening right now, or it might happen to you and it's not going to feel or look pretty when it does and man am I holding space for you during that time and you will emerge victorious. You will emerge stronger, you will emerge more knowledgeable, you will have more skills, more tools in your bag and be even more of a master of your existence. After that. That's what the magician comes in and reminds us here. This is a very beautiful, beautiful reminder for Mars moving into Scorpio, leading into this Libra eclipse. I think it's a big source for the intensity that we'll feel during this eclipse season is having this, having Mars and Scorpio right there, just kind of amping up our feels, amping up our sensitivity to everything and amping up that inner confidence to those feelings. Lots of really helpful information today, I think, and right now is a great time to make sure that you feel really solid in your spiritual hygiene basics grounding, cleansing and protecting. It is a very good time to remind yourself of the coping skills that you have available to you. As with any water sign, it is very easy to slip into coping mechanisms that help us temporarily quote unquote feel better in the moment we can see people slip back into like relapse in their addiction. We can see people make really, really concerning choices that are very clearly on the outside self sabotage, but on the inside they provide what feels like this temporary escape or relief from this state of intensity. No-transcript or EFT tapping or weighted blankets, journaling, listening to podcasts, therapy appointments, phone calls or dates with friends and loved ones real life, tangible tools that you can see and hear and smell and touch and yada yada. This can really really help anchor us during this intensity. Again, I don't want this to scare you. I want it to honestly amp you up. There's a lot of leveling up happening with this cycle. That's definitely what we're being told here. I think some of it's gonna hurt along the way and that's gonna be okay. You have gone through many, many, many Mars and Scorpio transits Up until now. You have already had 10 of Swords' experiences in your life before now. I think that this is a big one of okay. But how do you respond to that now, with the wisdom that you've gained from going through difficult, damaging, painful experiences in the past? What have you learned from that to be able to respond to those now? We see it time and time again in people around us. Oh, I just wish he would not do that anymore. Oh, I just wish he wouldn't do that anymore. I wish they knew that. If the right, we see that and very, very rarely are we willing to look inward at ourselves that way. Usually people like that outside of ourselves were saying things like that and making those observations or making even those judgments. It's actually something within us. It's triggering something in us that needs to be looked at as well. This is a good one this week. Don't forget to protect yourself. I'll be doing the same thing. I'm excited. I have all my Scorpio energy and I mean I'm sure I'll have my own Ten of Swords moment as well, but I am excited. I am. I feel that magician card, for sure, for sure. So I hope that you can tap into some of that and feel that as well. Let me know after you listen to this episode you can share, to your stories on social media, or if you are with us in Mighty Networks in that witch school, you can let me know. What do you think about all of this? Are you sensing some of these things already, and what does that feel like for you? Are you excited? Are you feeling anxious about any of this? Let's talk about it. Thank you, though, my friend, for being here with me this Monday. I hope that today, I was able to provide you with a little bit more insight, a little more information and maybe even a little inspiration on what all this astrological energy is being talked about this week and how to use it and respond to it. I cannot wait to get back into shadow chats with you and Ashley on Friday, so make sure you come back for that. All about the Libra, new Moon, annular Solar Eclipse. It's gonna be awesome. It's dropping on Friday, the 13th. The episode is oh, it's gonna be a good one. All right, everybody. I hope that until then, you have an absolutely wonderful week. Make sure that you stay safe, make sure you have some fun and, of course, stay magical out there. Did you get something valuable out of today's show? Here's how you can help continue to grow our magic. First you can head over to Apple or Spotify and leave a five-star rating and review. You can also share a shout-out on your social media page and make sure you tag me at thatwitchnet store. And, of course, you can just tell a friend that you think would enjoy the show and send them a link to the episode. Thank you so much, neighbor, for your support. I'll see you next time.

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