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Moonday Musings Week of 10/2-10/8: Preparing for Eclipse Season

October 02, 2023 Season 5
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Moonday Musings Week of 10/2-10/8: Preparing for Eclipse Season
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Last week was the full moon in Aries, next week is the Libra New Moon solar eclipse, so what does that mean for us this week? As Venus moves into Virgo and Mercury moves into Libra, we have an opportunity to take what we’ve learned from their recent retrograde cycles and apply it in a way that sets our future selves uppp for success! The solution you’ve been grasping for isn’t nearly as complicated as you’ve been worried about. In fact, I think you may just find that you’ve already had exactly what you’ve needed all along…it just seemed too simple to work.

Grab your drink, pull up your birth chart, and let’s talk about how you can use the astro energy in your life this week.

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Speaker 1:

I don't know what's more confusing Learning astrology or just being a human. Moon Day Musings is here to help with that A weekly, no bullshit guide for the upcoming cosmic forecast and how you can actually use this in your real life. Hello, hello, my friend, my neighbor. Welcome to Moon Day Musings. Happy Monday. I hope that your Moon Day is off to a good start. I am hoping that you were able to get any time that you needed this weekend to feel prepared or recharged and ready to take on this week ahead together. Before we jump into the astrology of the week and the energy of the forecast, let's all take a moment together here at the top of the show to do a little self-check-in. So this is your first time here at Moon Day Musings. At the very beginning of the episode, we always start with a little self-check-in before we take a little dip into our mind. And we start with a little self-check-in Before we take a little dip into our moon scope for the week and taking a look at where the moon is currently transiting, because I believe wholeheartedly that the guidance of astrology is best received through an open mind and a grounded heart, and one of the best ways to get into that headspace is taking a moment to pause for one damn second in our crazy busy lives and schedules. Breathe a little bit in this moment and really bring your awareness front and center on you and where you're at right now. It's just so easy to forget to do this. So, wherever you're sitting or standing, whatever it is that you're doing right now, if it's safe or you feel called to close your eyes, feel free to do so. Your hands and arms and limbs can all kind of rest in whatever way feels comfortable for you right now. And let's all take some really nice deep cleansing like really grounding breaths together. Take a big, first, deep inhale in all the way from the bottom of your lungs and exhale, let that all the way out, even push the air out at the end, out all the way out of your lungs. And when it's all out, take another nice, big, full belly breath in from the very bottom of those lungs, inhale, hold for a gentle, brief moment and exhale, let that come pouring out, push that air all the way out of your lungs. Last one, make this really count Nice, big, full belly breath in, hold for a breath of a moment and let that sigh all the way out, push all the air out of your lungs, allow your breath to come to a normal, organic pace and rhythm and allow your awareness right now to really just reside within you, your body, your mind, your spirit, your experience, without judgment, without force. Take note of any messages that your body or your mind, your intuition, your higher self, your guides, may be sending to you right now. It might come in the form of a little tickle on the back of your leg, there might be somewhere in your body that's feeling tense, or even in a little bit of pain or discomfort. Right now, your attention and focus might be being brought more on your thoughts and your mental space. Right now, maybe something is coming to you repeatedly. Right now, again, really try not to judge what's coming through and simply allow Listen. I have a very strong feeling that you are probably a fair listener yourself and you do a lot of listening for the people in your life that you care about and you love, and I want you to give yourself that same listening ear right now. When we open ourselves up like this to our unique present energy and just the different needs that our body or our energy might be having right now, and communicating with us. We are in such a better place For receiving beautiful divine guidance, like an astrology forecast, and we are going to much more effectively be able to use that information for our highest good. Oftentimes we roll into episodes or content like this, whether it's your weekly astrology forecast or your favorite tarot reader that you listen to, or one of your favorite spirit channels that you love tuning into and listening to. The downloads come through whatever. Whatever that looks like, I promise you that it is way, way, way too easy To roll into that caring a bunch of baggage, our baggage, other people's baggage. We show up in this really, and a lot of times it's an accident, but we show up in this really demanding energy and it is a lot harder. It's not impossible, but it is a hell of a lot more difficult To receive the information you need most. When you're coming at it from a place like that, you will find more often than not that the most profound spiritual messages are the simplest ones. But because of that, because it's these really simple, subtle messages, they're super, super easy to miss when we're distracted or we're showing up in that really demanding I'll be it Needy place. It's not that we don't have a right to have these needs, but we do need to create time and space to open up, examine what those needs are and give ourselves some intention to actually meet those things, and then we can enter into receiving this divine information From a much more centered and nourished place. So that's the purpose of the self-tracking and as we roll into the moon scope for this week, we are starting today, monday, october. Oh, so excited that it's October. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's my birthday month. It's my husband's birthday month. It's the best holiday of the year. It is one of the most sacred months, in my opinion, of the Gregorian calendar. It's one of the most sacred times of the seasonal year, in my opinion. I fucking love october. I've got my halloween blankie on and, let's be honest, I've been using it all year, but now it feels legit again. Are you like that? Are you like me? Where you you use like all or some of your halloween decor all year around, but still in the actual time of year rolls around, you're like it's even more special, all right, so moon scope. We're starting today, monday, october 2nd, with the moon in the sign of Taurus right now. It will stay there until the early hours of the morning tomorrow, tuesday and when I say early hours I'm talking 1 am Eastern time the moon will move into Gemini, where it will stay until Thursday in the morning, when it will move into cancer, and then, finally, it will move into leo on saturday, where we will round out the weekend with the moon in leo. So this week, keep in mind, we're coming off of full moon and aries that was this past friday, just a handful of days ago. We do have an eclipse next week, but let's not live too much in the future, um, says the astrologer. But let's keep things present, let's keep things grounded, let's focus on one week at a time. We are beginning a clip season next week, um, but this week, uh, we've got this little our in-between. It's our quarter moon. This is our last quarter moon, since we are just coming off of the full moon and we are making our way to the New moon. Solar eclipse, uh, next week. And so this week, I want you to take a look at your chart and in your birth chart, where are the signs torus, gemini, cancer and leo? Take a look at what houses these signs span. Take a look at any placements you already have in these signs, and now you kind of have a little visual. This is where, in your chart, this is the areas of life and the qualities about you that the moon will be primarily interacting with this week. Um, we also have some planetary shifts this week, so we do have this little in between, in my opinion. I would really really use this time for recharging, for building up your strengths. Eclipse season. Regardless of how you feel about eclipses, regardless of how you experience them and your opinions on you know if you do magic or manifestation or not, or you avoid it like the plague during an eclipse. Whatever that is, whatever that is for you We've talked about that lots and lots of times here on the show I'm very supportive of whatever that looks like for you as long as it feels aligned for you. Whatever that looks like for you as long as it feels aligned for you at that time. What I will say is that, regardless of how you experience an eclipse, it does tend to be a very, very energetically draining time. Eclipse season, even if everything in your life goes just hunky-dory all through eclipse season, you, my wonderful energetic being who's very sensitive to these energies because that's a big reason why you listen to shows like that witch podcast and you work with astrology, you are very in tune with and sensitive to the energies and the experiences of other people outside of you and around you. And because eclipse season tends to hit the collective relatively hard, it does tend to be a collectively energetically draining time. Do not confuse this with this means this is an automatically like bad time and has nothing to do with that. It's still a good idea to be resting up right now in preparation. It's a really good idea to be refining and holding on to your boundaries right now. One of the strongest messages that came forward while I was preparing for this week's episode was your future self will thank you for it. So that phrase kind of came through just shining and strong, almost like a sword cutting through things. We'll see what cards we get today, I'm not sure, but the message itself kind of came through like this shining sword, nice and strong, of your future self will thank you for it. What does that mean for you at this time? Because very, very likely there's already a situation that as soon as I say that, you're like oh, I know what I'm supposed to do. I know the thing that my future self will definitely thank me for. I would not be surprised if, whatever that thing is, it's kind of hard to do right now or it's something you don't really look forward to, or maybe it's something that you're full blown anxious about or worried about, your future self will thank you for it. It will be worth it to move through this discomfort of holding this boundary, making this commitment to yourself. Whatever it is that came to you when I said that your future self will thank you for it, it will be worth it to follow through with that for yourself. Now, what's interesting about this message coming through is that our planetary shifts this week is in Mercury, who will be moving into Libra on Wednesday October 4th this week, and Venus, who will be moving into Virgo on Sunday, october 8th this week. Venus was in Leo for what felt like a super duper long time because of its retrograde cycle, and Venus most recently made a pretty hard aspect with Uranus retrograde last week on the day of the Aries full moon. When I saw Venus making its transition into Virgo this coming weekend instantly what came through is relationships are going through a little fine tuning period here. So when Venus is in Leo, I think that we're really opening up our heart center, really giving our love. We're being really, really generous with our time and our energy, and this is very much for a reason. Very often we develop all kinds of beautiful organic connection with other people during Venus in Leo season. But I will say that, especially given this Venus retrograde, venus retro cycle that we had in Leo, I would not be surprised if this past Venus and Leo cycle taught you some very particular themes. I would not be surprised if you had some pretty tough lessons around your relationships and the things you feel connected to in this life and the things that you value the most and how all those things interact with each other. It seems like everything will be sunshine and rainbows. Oh, spend time with the people you love, spend time doing the things that you love. Everything will work out. And how often do we actually find ourselves in a situation where those things kind of strongly conflict with one another? And that doesn't necessarily mean those things need to be cut out. Just because they don't automatically drive with one another, that doesn't automatically mean one of them needs to go and needs to get 86. But I will say that this Venus in Leo retrograde cycle that we had over the summer taught you and brought you experiences that surfaced a lot of these kind of conflicts, and the things that we love and value and what we want to spend our time and dedicate our energy to. So what I would do is I would go back and I can tell you I should be able to tell you the dates right here. I want you to go back in your planner, your journal, your social media timeline, your social media archives, whatever that looks like for you. Go back to this time period that I'm going to give you over the summer and take a look at what you are going through. Just kind of remind yourself any particular struggles, challenges you are working through, any themes that were being brought up for you at that time, what was really resonating with you at that time, what was really putting you off at that time all those things. Venus retrograde was July 22nd. It's stationed retrograde at 28 degrees of Leo. So right at the end of that Leo cycle, venus had a retrograde cycle and was like actually, we're not done here in Leo. We got some reexamination to do here, my dear, and again, remember that if, when Venus is in Leo, we tend to, as a collective, be acting from a very heart open, we're generously giving our love and we're being very generous in our connection, and so then all of that goes under reexamination and reflection and review when Venus begins its retrograde cycle on July 22nd 2023 at 28 degrees of Leo, and then it's stationed direct just a few weeks ago, on September 3rd 2023, at 12 degrees of Leo, and then it started its forward regular station again, and it will be finishing its cycle in Leo and entering into the sign of Virgo on the 8th. When this happens, I think one of the best ways to lean into this Venus transition is to look at how you experienced Venus retrograde and make a commitment to yourself moving into this now, venus and Virgo cycle. It is very natural if the number, like the quantity of the connections, the social interactions, the social events, honestly, even just the sheer number of relationships in your life it's normal if those numbers decrease. We go into this refinement when we go from Leo into Virgo, and this can feel harsh sometimes, and it is this beautiful cleansing part of our Venetian journey. Anytime a planet goes from Leo into Virgo, we are automatically going to find ourselves feeling called to refining excess, and so I want you to really take that experience of Venus in retrograde over the summer into heavy consideration here, because I would not be surprised if you struggled during that time at all, if there were some promises you made to yourself and these promises are going to come into the light here. If they haven't already, they will come into the light very soon and you're going to have the opportunity to follow through with them or not. And this is why I think it will be so beneficial to physically review those dates for yourself Again, whether that's looking in your journal, your social media timeline, your planner, your camera roll on your phone, anywhere where you can track and take a look at how you are experiencing life during that time period. Now, on Wednesday, when Mercury moves into Libra, mercury moving from Virgo into Libra, when we move from that, that transition looks a little bit different. When we spend this time refining and then we move into the sign of Libra and harmony and balance, the whole purpose is that Virgo helps us get into that place. Virgo helps us do that necessary work so that when we get into Libra energy, we can shine in that harmony and in that balance. Now Mercury is at home in the sign of Virgo, so we can see communication and interaction kind of functioning on high. We did also have a pretty doozy of a Mercury retrograde as well, in the sign of Virgo. So I do think that everything we just talked about with this Venus transition coming up stands very strong for a Mercury transition coming up. And I think it would also be a good idea to go back and take a look at these most recent Mercury retrograde dates, which I can give those to you here Mercury station retrograde on August 23rd at 21 degrees of Virgo and it just station direct on September 15th at 8 degrees of Virgo. And so during that time period for yourself, what frustrations happened, what challenges did you embark on? What lessons were you learning that you now, hopefully, are starting to feel a little bit more in the clear about. What wisdom can you take from all that and carry into this Mercury in Libra cycle? Mercury in Libra is a really beautiful time for speaking your heart from of a higher cerebral place. That Venus rulership over Libra, you know, brings in this heart energy, but Libra being an air sign, through and through these two energies come together, venus and air, and can bring us really meaningful connection and interaction that I think comes from this overseeing place of like highest good for all, that quintessential diplomat energy of Libra. So I hope that some of this helps you reflect on and then take some tangible experience into these upcoming planetary shifts for yourself. And with that, my friends, let's take a look at our cards for this week and see what the planets are offering us in addition to the forecast here. So, wherever you are especially if you've been sitting in a position of understanding, like in the same position for a little while here as I shuffle just kind of loosen up a little bit, roll out your shoulders, roll out your wrists, your ankles, roll your neck out a little bit, maybe do a little bit of stretching, maybe take a few more of those super nice deep cleansing breaths and as you prepare yourself, you can, whenever you feel ready, kind of come to here, be present and open yourself up to any insight, any guidance, any messages that you may be seeking or needing at this time. So, right off of the bat, from the Deviant Moon tarot deck, temperance Reverse jumped out. We are just like we are being blessed with all these reversals lately, aren't we Just like the I don't know third card reading in a row, I'm pretty sure. So let's take a look and see what the Oracle has for us here today and it is another reversal, my friend. This makes a lot of sense and I was honestly, deep, deep down. I was expecting to get reversals today, because this idea that, yes, retrograde is over not for everybody we still have some planets in the station retrograde but for what we've been talking about today, when it comes to our communication and our interactions and our relationships and our connections with people, these planets Venus and Mercury though their most recent retrograde cycles have come to an end. I think that there is information there that maybe has been missed over a little bit, maybe glossed over, maybe it needs to be gone back to and reviewed yet again. Temperance Reverse tells me that there is some imbalance just right off of the bat, and the Oracle card that we got in reverse is life, life reversed, and so there is this image kind of coming through to me of like disjointed out of alignment energy. You might even feel it physically in the body right now. Alignment work is very much a part of the natural Libra process that just occurs during Libra season, when the sun is in Libra, and wherever you are not feeling the harmony and you're not feeling the balance, those things are gonna be kind of flashing at you like a neon sign right now and it's gonna be kind of impossible to look away. And that's exactly what I think these cards are telling us here today. We have this energy at our disposal. We have the energy and the gift of temperance. We have the energy and the gift of life. It kind of feels like these things are just so barely, barely, barely out of touch right now, which tells me that tapping into them, realigning, kind of re-centralizing, recalibrating and coming into a nice balanced, harmonious flow, the way we get to that is a lot closer and a lot more simpler than we're realizing. There is definitely something the decision that you have to make, the commitment you have to make or break it might be a commitment you have to break. There's something so simple and it is absolutely within your reach and it's almost like this little tiny switch, like if you just plugged it in or turned it on, the light would shine and all of a sudden you'd be able to see inside the dark room and go oh, there's something like that for you. That's right there, within your reach. I think that you're getting really swept up in the feeling of feeling out of alignment and feeling uncomfortable. That that's taking up the most of your focus, when it's more effective to use those feelings of discomfort and feeling all disjointed and out of whack, letting that be the little radar that it needs to be, this little calling card. Hey, hey, I'm getting your attention here, but then listen to what it has to say. Don't just stay hyper focused on the feeling itself. There is some kind of very simple and extremely effective solution right before your eyes. You've probably been looking at it this whole entire time, so I hope that today's message offers you the simple little nudge that you've been needing. My intent is that this silly little divine message is exactly the right placed reminder that you needed today and for this week. I am so looking forward to embarking on this week's astrology with all of you moving through these beautiful transitions. At this time I can already, as I was giving everybody the dates for those retrogrades, I was already kind of thinking back in my own life. Okay, this is kind of what I was dealing with at that time. There is definitely, definitely some helpful information for us residing in the experiences that we had during those times, and there's tools there. So I'll be doing the same thing. I'll be looking back and making sure that my tool bag is nice and stocked up as we head into this week, and don't forget to check back Friday for this week's episode. I cannot wait. Oh, it's a really fun one. I'm very excited to start doing more of these episodes with all of you. But let's just say we will be getting into the business chart for that witch next door and I am so, so, so excited to dive into all of that with you. So until then, I hope you have a Absolutely beautiful week. Make sure you stay safe out there. I hope that you get to have some fun this week and make sure you stay magical out there. Hey, I have a quick question for you. Are you one of our neighbors here in the neighborhood really trying to commit to learning your birth chart and feeling totally overwhelmed and beaten down by the process? 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With that which next door and the way that I structured the courses and the way that I outlined all of the information, you can go to that which next door dot com. Slash astrology to learn more and get your course today.

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