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Betwixt-Seasons Update

September 11, 2023 That Witch Next Door
That Witch Podcast
Betwixt-Seasons Update
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I am so sorry if I accidentally tricked you, because no, this is not a Moonday Musings episode yet 😂 But I promise I’ll be returning to you so soon! Here’s a little update from my heart to The Neighborhood during this sacred in-between period 🥰

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Dani Wright:

Well, hello Neighbor. Let's start out by saying, don't get too excited haha. Actually, get super excited. But don't think that this is the start of Season 05, because I'm here to tell you that we're still on a break (I'm Ross from Friends, just kidding). When I ended Season 04, I knew I needed a break. I didn't know I needed a longer break than I did and I didn't even realize at that time what that break was going to entail. But in just beautiful synchronistic magick with the nature of the number five in numerology, Season 05 has has very effortlessly, organically transformed. It's transforming the show, it's changing everything around here. I knew that my life was changing and I knew that the business was going to obviously change right along with it—i t wouldn't be Change if we were so fucking easily prepared for it. It wouldn't Change if it wasn't in and of itself unpredictable in nature. So, yeah, it's one of those things where, of course, I knew everything was going to change, but I could never have realized to the extent that it is. Now I'm going to go ahead and get started. Let me start off by— in classic Dani fashion, as you know very well— let me give you some safety disclaimers here so you don't freak out. The podcast is not going anywhere. Not only is it not going anywhere, she's taking like the most well-deserved nap that she's ever taken. That Witch Podcast's taking a nap like my favorite tarot deck. She's needing to hibernate right now because there is so much, so much root development and work going on under the surface, in the dark and in the earth. (I love this analogy already) I really like where this is going, and it was really hard the first few weeks realizing this and not feeling absolutely terrified, like a failure, and like I was gonna piss all of you off, and let everybody down. And I do want you to know that it's totally okay to be disappointed that the show's not ready just yet, because I love that you love the show that much, so it's definitely okay to feel disappointed. I was getting blocked by way deeper fears than that, that I was gonna make my entire business come crashing down and just ruin everything if I did this. And it's soo not the case. I'm having like some of the most beautiful clarity that I've had in a long time and I'm feeling so calm, so serene and so fucking aligned about this. I feel so confident showing up here today with this "update Air quotes update. It is an update, but I still can't tell you exactly what to expect. So much is changing, meaning there's gonna be new styles of episodes. I am going to change the days I release episodes on. I'm changing the way that I record Well, I'm changing the way that I research and brainstorm and record and write, copy and get it to the team. Like I'm changing every fucking ounce of That Witch Podcast and right along with it, like so much of it is not changing— I should say refurbishing or redoing, because so much of it is gonna stay the same. The picture that just came to my mind is from the Wizard of Oz, and when they all get the makeover, it's just like a makeover, where Dorothy in that movie is a perfect example, because ultimately they make Dorothy look the same. They kind of change her hair, they add a few things here and there, right, but ultimately it's still Dorothy and it's quintessential Dorothy, and they just bring out her natural traits even more fully, you know. And so that's what's happening with That Witch Podcast, because so much of That Witch Next Door is undergoing that same rewiring, that same refurbishing, and it's really, really exciting and it takes time, so I had to take the break first. That was the hardest part is I had to take the actual break. And I didn't wanna take the break. I wanted to just pause releasing so that I could just keep fucking working and working, grinding out behind the surface so I could feel caught up, and I'm still giving myself the space to be able to do that. But I realized, I finally got to this point where I was like, all right, dude, you're gonna have to take a break, like actually rest and not worry about the podcast or brainstorming for it or picking the days, like you need to take an actual break for a couple of weeks. And I did that and thank fucking God, because I don't think I would have received the clarity that I have and the motivation that I have, and I just feel so centered with my purpose and direction now. So I took the break and now I'm at the point that I wanted to just dive head first into the remapping and the evaluating and the finalizing, and things like that. And then the creation starts. Then the actual content creation and we're recording, we're sending off to editing and to the team for media, all the beautiful media magic that our wonderful Jenny SRP does for us, and then we're releasing. I'm not going to rush this, I am not going to force this and I am going to fucking trust in this feeling, in this energy, every step of the way, and I know my real Neighbors get this and feel this and are fucking supporting me right along the way, every single step of the way as well. So I was super excited to update you and at the same time I don't have specific details as far as an update goes. I can tell you that we're keeping Moonday musings. I fucking love Moonday, you love Moonday. Moonday's not going anywhere. But there's some different types of episode topics that I've been really wanting to test out and explore and I want to expand on the guests that we're bringing on the show. I want to also give myself the space and capacity to be able to be a guest on other shows and a guest in other people's universes as well. So that's part of my intentions with my remapping right now as well. I want all of this to just naturally flow and nourish directly into That Witch School. So there's just a lot of little haps behind the scenes right now, but it feels so good and I'm recording when it feels good right now. This is the first time I haven't recorded on a chronological basis. I've always done a chronological structure and strategy with the podcast, where sometimes I batch ahead of time, but even that is for a handful of weeks. I've never gone farther than a month and I just record in order that I'm going to release things. So if I recorded for the following month, then in a couple of weeks I'd record for the following month after that and that's the flow I was in for a while. I'm going to try a new way, a new method and approach that some other podcasters do, where I'm recording things where they feel good, where they fit on the schedule, and I'm compiling all of season five right now and it feels really weird, but in the best way, to be doing it this way, because it's just not like how I've ever, ever, ever released and done a podcast before. I've always done this ahead of time, in chronological order thing, and it's been great for my organizational flow. And now that I've really mastered a lot of my organizational flow, especially now that we've moved and started settling some roots and making our routines, it's time to start changing it up a little bit, to tap into that creative flow and exploring new avenues through my creativity. So it feels really good. I'm really excited. What's coming out for season five so far is really really cool. Just recording things on a really deeply intuitive level like this, I think it's going to super resonate with everybody and I'll continue recording Moonday in a chronological format for myself and releasing it, obviously the same way I do right now, as a forecasty, inspirational, informational weekly episode that keeps you on track, keeps me on track all the same as well. So we're definitely keeping Moonday the way that it is and I think that's going to help me feel like that organizational consistency is still there and helping create the stability. Hello natal Taurus Midheaven, but the midheaven for my business is Pisces and right now Saturn is sitting like right fucking there on my business' s midheaven and it's like you know, we're gonna try some shit out right now. We're gonna experiment a little bit and we're gonna kind of do these systems and structures a little bit more fluidly, a little bit more creatively and intuitively, and it feels pretty cool. So thank you so much for your support. Thank you for being a Neighbor, part of this Neighborhood. You have been such a catalyst to this point and I have the biggest fucking smile on my face when I tell you, like, how much you are going to love this next season and, ultimately, next chapter for That Witch Podcast and That Witch Next Door's Neighborhood, because we're like, we're going there, my friends. I'm leveling up, we are leveling up, we're all going there. This is a very, very beautiful time. So thank you for your time here today. It means the absolute world to me. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Don't forget to be following me on Instagram and my other social media pages. Right now, I'm still plenty active on those platforms. Email newsletters are gonna be the first things I start coming back into your world here pretty soon. And not very long from now, Season 05 of That Witch Podcast is going to drop and I cannot wait to share with you everything that we are creating. So I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day, beautiful rest of your week. It won't be too long before we're talking again soon. Thank you for being here with me today, Neighbor. I hope you stay safe. Make sure you're letting yourself, have some fun and stay magickal out there. I'll see you guys next time.