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Season 04 Finale! 131 A Guide for Empaths

August 01, 2023 Season 4 Episode 20
That Witch Podcast
Season 04 Finale! 131 A Guide for Empaths
Show Notes

Today’s episode is a guide of sorts, and is ultimately what I hope to be an informative reminder for empaths and energetically sensitive people. I’ll share some of my own personal experience, as well as what I’ve observed in others, to show you how some seriously simple basics create incredibly strong spiritual boundaries.

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And that’s a wrap on Season 04 of That Witch Podcast!

It’s been two years 🥲 of Neighborhood magick and four beautiful seasons. And now it’s time for our midsummer break to bring you an incredible Season 05 🎉

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This month’s nonprofit is Thorn, an organization I first heard about on a social media clip showing co-founder Ashton Kutcher speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2017 on the horrors of child sex trafficking, and how their team develops software to combat online child sexual abuse.

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