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Moonday Musings: Week of 7/31-8/6 Aquarius Full Moon Comin In Hot

July 31, 2023 That Witch Next Door Season 4
That Witch Podcast
Moonday Musings: Week of 7/31-8/6 Aquarius Full Moon Comin In Hot
Show Notes

Well, it’s the last Moonday episode of Season 04! I’ll be straight with you—Aquarius Full Moon energy really came in and took the wheel on this one. As we close this chapter of the show and get ready for Season 05, I’m reflecting on so many different things. It’s almost uncontrollable haha. Today I’m going to share the energy of this week in a very different, and totally organic way. And in the name of the Aquarius Full Moon, we’re getting deep, weird, and community-focused.

|| M A G I C K A L  M E R C H ||
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|| A U G U S T  N O N P R O F I T ||
This month’s nonprofit is Thorn, an organization I first heard about on a social media clip showing co-founder Ashton Kutcher speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2017 on the horrors of child sex trafficking, and how their team develops software to combat online child sexual abuse.

At the end of each month, 5% of all merchandise sales for That Witch Next Door will be donated to the organization listed above.

Let’s do more—

Nominate the nonprofit or charitable organization you want to share with The Neighborhood! This list can never be too long, let’s see how many incredible nonprofits we can give some airtime and donate to 🥰💞
Learn more about Thorn.
Nominate a nonprofit.

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