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Greatest Hits: 092 Bringing Magick Into the Workplace

June 20, 2023 That Witch Next Door Season 4 Episode 15
That Witch Podcast
Greatest Hits: 092 Bringing Magick Into the Workplace
Show Notes

We may have to do re-releases a little more often around here because this is suchhh a good episode, I can't wait for you to listen to it with fresh ears. Whether this is your first time hearing this episode of That Witch Podcast, or if you remember listening when it first released in September 2022, I think you'll this one is going to serve us all very very well this week.

Whether you own your own business, work in an office, commute for a living, whether you're the boss or the employee—magick belongs in your place of business.

For far too long now, just about every single professional industry has felt far from sacred. Unethical business practices, greed, corruption, and abuse of power have paved the way for the burnout, the stress, and the damage and destruction of our mental and physical health we experience at our jobs.

But we are living in unprecedented times, and with that has come a revolution in the way we seek and participate in our livelihood. More and more people every day are bringing the authenticity and alignment of their spirituality into their place of work, and saying no to anything that derails them from their soul purpose and fulfillment.

Today's episode will take you through the various ways you can weave your magick and witchcraft seamlessly into the professional areas of your life. No matter what you do and how you make a living, this episode has inspiration for you!

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