That Witch Podcast

3/14 Update & Announcement

March 14, 2023 Season 4
That Witch Podcast
3/14 Update & Announcement
Show Notes

That Witch Podcast is taking a little snooze for the next couple of weeks, and instead I'll be jumping on briefly to update The Neighborhood with what's going on for me in my life, how I'm navigating the transition, and how I readjusted to continue running my business and managing unexpected twists and turns.

This week on The Blog:
The Top 5 Herbs I Recommend to the Beginner Witch
Whether you're getting started in magickal herbalism, or you're just curious about the best herbs for cleansing, protection, abundance, etc. with just these 5 common herbs (+1 bonus item) you'll have everything you need.

Spring Forward Like That Witch
This has been an exclusive post in That Witch School, and as a little spring gift I'm offering it to the whole Neighborhood! Learn more about the Spring Equinox vs Aries Season vs Ostara, tips and traditions, and a list of 25 ideas for magickal spring rituals.

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