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097 What Is Past Life Regression? with Daniel, The Past Life Regressionist

October 04, 2022 That Witch Next Door Season 3 Episode 9
That Witch Podcast
097 What Is Past Life Regression? with Daniel, The Past Life Regressionist
Show Notes

“Must have been in a past life…” The term is getting thrown around now more than maybe ever, and the collective interest in past lives is on the rise. With so much overwhelming information out there, let’s bring (back) a past life regressionist on the show!

You may remember Daniel, The Past Life Regressionist from his previous episode on That Witch Podcast, where we chatted about the concept of time. And so I wanted to welcome Daniel back onto the show to dive into past life regression itself–what is it? Who is it for? What’s the goal? It’s all here on our episode today!

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