That Witch Podcast

091 Virgo New Moon Energy & Intentions

August 26, 2022 Season 3 Episode 3
That Witch Podcast
091 Virgo New Moon Energy & Intentions
Show Notes

Ashley of StarSeedShadows and myself had some scheduling conflicts last minute that prevented us from recording a Shadow Chats episode for the new moon in Virgo.

We both are so grateful for your support and understanding when real life happens for us as business owners and podcast hosts! We are sending you all our blessings and love for this new moon, and we will definitely be seeing you next month for the new moon in Libra!

In lieu of this month's Shadow Chats episode, I have a quick little episode ready for you on That Witch Podcast with a little new moon forecast and a tarot reading to help clarify our intentions heading into this next lunar cycle.

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