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082 How To Use Lunar Transits & More Moon Magick

July 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 43
That Witch Podcast
082 How To Use Lunar Transits & More Moon Magick
Show Notes

Tracking the moon's movements and lunations in astrology has been one of the biggest tools in my life, business, and witchcraft practice. And I think one of the most common hurdles in astrology study is going from only following the forecast of other's, to utilizing different astrological forecasts + the current transits to truly understand and apply the information for yourself.

Today on That Witch Podcast, I want to teach you how I follow and utilize moon transits and aspects to plan and schedule, practice magick, and align my life. We'll cover tools, resources, ideas for spells, rituals, and activities, and more!

You probably already know, my favorite way of tracking the planetary transits is with my Personal Astrological Almanac from Honeycomb Collective! I've been using this custom-made planner and ephemeris for three years now because it not only tracks the mundane transits we all experience, but it has my natal chart transits as well. This is THE tool for creating your aligned and practical schedule.

Customize yours from the housing system, artwork, and more! Available worldwide as a printed notebook, wall calendar, and digital pdf.  Enter code THATWITCH10 for 10% off at checkout at

Check out for more astrology tools mentioned in this episode.

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